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buy ACDSee Canvas 11 with GIS Module

ACDSee Canvas 11 with GIS Module

Buy ACDSee Canvas 11 with GIS Module online and download your copy directly for only 149.95$.

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Canvas™ 11 with GIS+ is the only GIS data visualization solution in today’s market that addresses the need of GIS professionals to communicate the results of their research analysis — quickly, accurately, and effectively — inside a true graphics application.

Simply import GIS project information and then use Canvas’ image editing, illustration, and page-layout features to create, assemble, montage, and annotate, and enhance project data. Tasks that previously might have required days of work - or simply could not be accomplished with other graphics applications - can be completed quickly and with stunning results.

No other graphics application delivers the comprehensive set of features and toolsets needed to make the most of your GIS investment.


Streamline your workflow Time is precious and even more so when deadlines are approaching. So why waste it working with other graphics applications that do not address the specific needs of GIS professionals or that are only capable of performing a narrow set of functions? With Canvas 11 with GIS+, you can take advantage of 18 GIS specific import/export filters as well as benefit from the broad range of visualization tools available through the core of Canvas.
Work in a georeferenced environment Canvasв„ў X with GIS+ is a comprehensive solution that enables you to import 80+ file formats to assemble, montage, and create visually stunning charts, maps, and illustrations.
Enhance your GIS data A host of image filters, transparency effects, annotation tools, image warping techniques, in addition to visual analysis and symbology tools make it easier than ever to create an easy-to-understand representation of your georeferenced work.
Share the results of your work Compelling visuals of your GIS data have never been easier to share than with Canvas' numerous export options. Without needing additional software, you can share your GIS data as PDF, Web content, a presentation or even a wide format printout.
Say goodbye to distractions Since the GIS+ module is integrated within Canvas, you benefit from all of Canvas' intuitive interface and customizable tool/menu options designed to make it easy to find what you need:

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