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Searching for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC cheap price? Starting from 99.95. BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) -- The U.S. government wants you to stop using its cloud-based PDFing software Adobe Acrobat. The threat letter, obtained by the media and technology blog Gizmodo, asks for you to cancel your current Adobe subscription or face legal action. "You are being asked to pay a large sum of money for a service you do not need," reads the letter, signed by an employee for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The clause in question that prompted Gizmodo to read off read: "Cancellation of Adobe Acrobat 11 Personal Subscription due to 'estrangement' from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services." That's from Oct. 2012 and two years after Acrobat's developer Adobe Systems Inc. said it was pulling the plug on an annual contract, a full five years went by without a new update. The clause is specifically absent from comments on a contract the 27 signatories have on it, including contributors to the clause's privacy and access protection clauses. It seems far too short a time to be thrown together as a "doubtful move," but it might be the key to helping save Adobe PDFs billions. It's also pretty long. It's there if you're reading it: "Cancel not required on employment of, but prohibited, unless mutually agreed to. Assignment prohibited. Subscription to be effective unless you and I are to mutually agree to it. If Subscription is not made, candidate (inernited, or if ended abruptly) shall be considered to have voluntarily entered into and complied with the Adobe Systems, Inc. Programs, Office, Program Subdivision Agreement of Software and Services Developer for Service on Computer Users for Adobe Acrobat, Inc., their Members, and their Employees, and on and after the highest-level (as defined by the laws of Washington) of Authorized Users shall be considered to have been met and applicable to such Persons, a revised, additional, or additional version shall have the same force and effect as the initial shall be public and independent of the former version) Assignment, voluntary as it (appear to) may be, without necessity, 47/50 or otherwise in addition, or substitute for the of the original Subscription," the clause reads. We asked Adobe for clarification and will update this post if and when we hear back. Update: A spokesperson provided the following statement: As part of our ongoing transition to a Web API, Lightroom CC and All in One CC will now be migrated to the new W3C API. We have a waiting list for the API and as part of this process, Lightroom will be fully compatible with the API release. But because the list of compatible agencies has been growing very slowly so we have stopped updating the list, we cannot confirm when the compatible migration will be. But it should be soon. We’re sorry about the delay! That transition will take a while. The company didn't want to pull the plug on the W3C API preview for development while it waited for the compatibility list to expand, but it couldn't make it in-country. Instead, it'll eventually come later this year to all publishers, but some of the delay is due to the need to migrate a number of major API keys around. That last bit is a bit more straightforward for things like Adobe's own St. Jude Digital Kidney Institute and Alfa Romeo St. Jude De-5. One of those relies heavily on the PBA5151a4 identifier in the API, while the other two use a QR code or touch ID to do it. Obtaining either of these IDs is a lengthy process, so it'll be interesting to see how Lightroom handles the IDs. Lightroom on the PBA5151a status line. Lightroom's PBA5152 device IDs in the API. Aside from those major API changes, the company also announced that Lightroom Classic will stay available for existing Lightroom customers who want to move to the new Lightroom 4.0 platform. The reasons for moving to the new platform are unclear, but it's likely that early adopters who bought on the old platform will be pleased to know that Lightroom Creative Cloud Edition upgrades will not be disrupted. Upgrading to Lightroom 4.0 on the new platform will entitle you to the following upgrades for 2018: New in Story 2018.0.1. New in Story 2018.0.1 allows you to seamlessly move from an old Story track to a new one using a Story group, imported Story catalog, and imported Images. You can choose whether the transition is through a single Welcome Story, ongoing Conversations or a menu or by taking the Integral-led Story approach. When you take the Story approach, the existing Image track in your existing Story