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Adobe After Effects CS3 Professional

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Adobe® After Effects® CS3 Professional software features comprehensive compositing, sophisticated effects, and tight integration with Adobe’s world-class design applications. Take your inspiration to new heights with innovative new features like Shape Layers, the Puppet tool, Brainstorm, and Adobe Clip Notes — all while enjoying an uninterrupted, streamlined workflow.
Jump-start projects with hundreds of customizable animation presets and templates, or start from scratch and move efficiently between After Effects and other key applications like Adobe PremiereВ® Pro CS3 and Adobe EncoreВ® CS3.


Innovative compositing and animation tools Create high-impact communications by combining moving imagery, still images and graphics, text, and sound in 2D or 3D space and then animating virtually any aspect of each element.
Unmatched Adobe integration Enjoy a streamlined workflow with support for importing AdobeВ® PhotoshopВ® images that include video layers as well as Adobe IllustratorВ® graphics that maintain image integrity. Move easily between After Effects and Adobe PremiereВ® Pro CS3 or EncoreВ® CS3 software, and share animations easily with Adobe FlashВ® CS3 Professional software.
Text and vector graphics creation and animation Create text and vector graphics in After Effects using familiar Adobe tools, and then animate these elements to create visually innovative new motion graphics.
Extensive visual effects Manipulate moving and still images using hundreds of effects such as stylize, distort, and shatter. Create grids, radio waves, 3D particles, film grain, fractal noise, and more.
Timesaving tools Start projects quickly with animation presets and behaviors when creating common animation elements, such as animating text in and out, creating synthetic backgrounds, and more. Use new Brainstorm to quickly experiment and refine designs using parameters you define. Learn fast with Tool Tips and training resources in the box and on the web, and streamline your review process with Adobe Clip Notes to create and import comments.
Comprehensive masking and keying tools Control which portions of a layer are visible by importing, manipulating, and animating masks. Flexible auto-tracing options and RotoBezier masks make it easy to get precise results. Key bluescreen and greenscreen mattes with the Academy Award-winning Keylight and a host of supporting tools.
Powerful motion controls Animate graphics and text using the Puppet tool. Apply motion blur to produce more realistic animations, or use Timewarp to slow down and speed up footage. Precisely match the motion of source footage using Motion Tracker, and get the look of a locked-off shot using Motion Stabilizer.
Enhanced performance Harness your computer’s processing power with new multicore and graphics acceleration plus disk caching so you can spend less time waiting and more time creating. Distribute rendering across your entire network to maximize output performance.
Professional results for every media type Compatibility with an extensive list of output formats lets you produce animated content for virtually any media, from the web and mobile devices to film and broadcast. Plus, After Effects CS3 Professional introduces color management tools to help make the color-correction process more predictable and preserve color fidelity.
High-fidelity color Use standard color management tools with enhancements for film and video workflows.

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