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Adobe After Effects CS6

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AdobeВ® After EffectsВ® CS6 software lets you deliver cinematic visual effects and motion graphics faster than ever before with new Global Performance Cache. Extend your creativity with built-in text and shape extrusion, new mask feathering options, and the fast, easy-to-use 3D Camera Tracker.


Work fast Work more quickly using Adobe® After Effects® CS6 software, optimized to help you create more in less time. Take full advantage of your computer’s hardware with Global Performance Cache, preserving previews whenever possible for a fast, robust, and responsive workflow.
Fluidly key, mask, rotoscope, and paint composites Work efficiently with an unlimited number of masks, imported or created in After Effects. Animate masks and their parameters over time. Take advantage of Academy Award–winning Keylight from The Foundry, Roto Brush, and other compositing tools.
Animate and composite flexibly in 2D and 3D Solve visual problems quickly and efficiently by drawing on a comprehensive set of tools designed to help you meet any creative or technical challenge. Place and track 3D elements on 2D footage with the new 3D Camera Tracker, and extend your creativity with built-in ray-traced text and shape extrusion.
Create and animate text and vector graphics Work with text flexibly and creatively — edit, add depth to, animate, and convert your text into editable paths to animate the vertices, or export animated text as vector-based SWF files. Import Illustrator vector art as shape layers to easily animate them in 2D or extrude in 3D.
Choose among extensive visual effects Explore the possibilities with the wide range of visual effects available in After Effects. Use effects to correct color, blur or sharpen images, distort footage, turn flat objects into 3D shapes, and perform many other creative feats.
Take control of motion and keyframes Control keyframe values and the timing of motion with precision using tools such as planar tracking in mocha for After Effects CS6 from Imagineer Systems Ltd., the Keyframe Graph Editor, Timewarp, and roving keyframes.
Work with pristine color Correct and optimize color in your compositions, and produce work that is film and HDTV ready using the broadest range of colors available in 16- and 32-bit color modes. Work with HDR color images. Use color management to keep color consistent.
Use creative building blocks Get a head start on your project using animation presets, shape presets, template compositions, Brainstorm, and other creative timesaving tools that help you realize your vision more quickly.
Automate with expressions and scripting Link individual parameters, effects, and layers within a project using expressions. Use robust scripting support in After Effects to automate repetitive tasks and add custom capabilities to the application.
Work interactively with audio Manage and process your audio without leaving After Effects by controlling audio levels for each layer separately. Use Adobe AuditionВ® software for more advanced audio editing. Output to Adobe Media Encoder to write compressed audio formats.
Gain professional results for every media type Master modern media. Deliver your completed projects to the widest range of formats, from large-format feature films and high-definition television to websites and mobile devices.
Integrate seamlessly with Adobe Creative Suite Work easily with colleagues using other Adobe Creative Suite 6 components — even those still using After Effects CS5.5. Build upon projects started in Adobe Photoshop Extended, Adobe Premiere® Pro, Flash Professional, and Illustrator.
Paint and clone with nondestructive vector brushes Explore creative possibilities with customizable nondestructive vector brushes. Use the advanced Clone tool to remove unwanted distractions or to replicate multiple specific elements. Animate individual paint strokes.
Save time with efficient tools and a customizable interface Keep your work focused and efficient with project management tools, customizable workspaces, a targetable Layer panel, searchable timelines and projects, and the ability to quickly align layers.

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