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Adobe Captivate 2017

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Create any kind of eLearning end-to-end. For any device.

With new Adobe Captivate 9, go seamlessly from storyboarding to responsive eLearning design. Dip into the exclusive 50,000+ asset store to enrich your content. Create amazing courses that run seamlessly across desktops and mobile.

What's new

Smart eLearning design Embrace an intelligent authoring paradigm—deliver the most engaging, interactive device-independent content with a minimum of fuss. Automatically create fully responsive content that best-fits your learners’ devices, automatically transform legacy projects into responsive projects and automatically deliver great viewing experiences with Adobe Typekit integration.
Fluid Boxes Explore the building blocks of Smart eLearning design with intelligent containers that use white space optimally. These containers kick-in when you choose a responsive theme. Optionally you can draw your own Fluid Boxes. Objects placed in Fluid Boxes get aligned automatically so that learners always get fully responsive experience regardless of their device or browser. Crunch authoring time and speed up time-to-market with a host of powerful properties, such as optional display of objects and locking of aspect ratio.
Auto-migrate from non-mobile to mobile Join the mobile age. Transform legacy desktop-only courses into fully responsive modules using patent-pending technology from Adobe. Bring in existing Adobe Captivate projects and save them as responsive projects. When you relaunch them, Fluid Boxes will automatically appear around the most logical grouping of objects, which you can accept or customize.
Adobe Typekit integration Good typography makes for a great viewing experience only when it is consistent across devices, and delivering that just got a lot easier. Create a cloud-based kit of selected Typekit font families for use in your courses. Now learners will experience the content exactly as you intended.
Responsive sliders Break free of fixed sizes. Forget breakpoints. Now take advantage of a new vertical slider and revamped horizontal slider to preview content across a broad device landscape, from 320px to 1280px width and 100px to 5000px height.
Responsive text support Provide a superior experience to learners, even for text-heavy courses delivered on small screens. Long paragraphs are automatically collapsed to just a couple of lines, and learners can click to view more.
Customizable closed captions Create courses that meet accessibility standards with closed captions generated from slide notes and for slide videos. These can be enhanced by controlling the way they look and where they appear.
Device-specific previews Eliminate the guesswork. Now preview exactly how your content will look on specific devices by selecting from a preset device menu. You can also add new devices to the menu, as required.
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) support Create high-quality projects with vector images that scale across devices and sizes with no loss of quality. Define complex shapes and bring them into Adobe Captivate, as SVG graphics. Convert them to auto shapes and use them as buttons or feedback captions. Roundtrip with Adobe Illustrator CC to edit the images. The images are automatically added to the library, and can be re-used across projects.

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