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Adobe Captivate 8

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Adobe Captivate 8 software reimagines the way interactive eLearning is created for a multi-device world. Develop any-screen mobile learning without programming using all-new responsive authoring. Now use an intuitive UI to transform PowerPoint presentations into engaging eLearning using actors, voices, interactions, and quizzes. Leverage best-in-class HTML5 publishing to deliver any content to mobile devices, the web, desktops, and leading LMSs.

Responsive design and HTML5 publishing

Responsive themes
Smart positioning of objects
Multi-device previews
Device-aware eLearning delivery
Gesture-enabled mobile learning
Responsive Screen Capture
Responsive drag-and-drop interactions
Geo-location support
MinMax object sizing
Native support for HTML5 objects
Scroll for tablets and mobiles
Best-in-class HTML5 publishing
HTML5 support for PowerPoint
HTML5 and pause and resume support for Adobe Connect
!Rapid eLearning content development
All-new, intuitive user interface
Retina display support
Popup Blocker
Roundtripping with Microsoft PowerPoint
Table of contents and Aggregator
Object styles
Master Slides
XML file export and import for easy localization
Professional project templates

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