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Collaborative publishing Establish workflow processes to collaboratively author, review, and publish content. Define different review paths at the template level, whether a single approval for an internal web page or multiple sign-offs for a public page.
In-browser editing Edit pages directly in your web browser without having to open another application. The AdobeВ® ContributeВ® CS4 in-browser editor supports most browsers, including Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 6 and 7.
Adobe Dreamweaver compatibility Easily edit advanced layout components. Contribute CS4 works with Adobe DreamweaverВ® CS4 templates and allows you to design the site while letting content contributors add to it without risk.
In-context shared reviews Enable multiple reviewers to comment on drafts simultaneously with the in-context collaboration tool for faster and more effective web publishing cycles.
Enhanced CSS support Enjoy improved CSS support and complete rendering fidelity between Contribute CS4 and Dreamweaver CS4.
Content expiration notification Keep website content fresh with the new expiration notification feature. Set the expiration value for a single Contribute page or multiple pages, and Contribute will notify the designated content contributors when the expiration date nears.
Dynamic website editing Add content to dynamic websites powered by Movable Type, TypePad, or WordPress with Contribute CS4. Simply define your Contribute site with the proper settings, and site content is instantly available for updating.
Rich media support Easily drag and drop your images, FLV and SWF files, or PDF documents into your Contribute pages. Contribute automatically uploads the dependent files to the web server when the pages are published in administrator-selected locations.
More secure editing with Auto-Save Protect your content contributors' ongoing edits with the new Auto-Save feature, which enables you to specify how frequently updated drafts are saved. Content remains in draft format until the review and publish process is initiated.
Visual blog configuration Avoid editing the BlogHub.csi file manually in a text editor to achieve specific goals such as allowing images wider than 150 pixels. Now, all such preferences are accessed visually for rapid adjustments.
Site root–relative links Gain a finer degree of control over code than ever before. Website administrators can quickly specify whether links to pages or other elements are written as document-relative or site root–relative links.

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