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Adobe Fireworks CS4

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Rapidly prototype websites and application interfaces with AdobeВ® FireworksВ® CS4 software. Create and optimize images for the web more quickly and accurately than ever before with an enhanced toolset.


Adobe AIR authoring Create your AdobeВ® AIRв„ў prototype directly within Adobe FireworksВ®, ready to be deployed to HTML and CSS, Adobe FlexВ®, or SWF. Easily convert your click-through mock-up.
PDF export Generate high-fidelity, protected PDF documents from your Fireworks comps for client communication. Help safeguard your designs with password protection — separate passwords can be created for viewing and other tasks such as printing, copying, and commenting.
Customizable and reusable assets Jump-start your design process with the Common Library, a repository of graphic symbols, form elements, text symbols, and animations frequently used in web and software applications, interfaces, and websites. Expand your collection with your own custom symbols and styles for continued rapid design.
Improved performance Work faster and smarter with overall performance enhancements, from file opening and saving to symbol updates and intensive bitmap and vector operations.
New user interface Easily switch from other Adobe Creative Suite® 4 components — such as Adobe Photoshop® CS4, Illustrator® CS4, and Flash® CS4 Professional software — thanks to a universal user interface design.
Enhanced type handling Produce exceptional type designs with the enhanced typesetting capabilities of the Adobe text engine. Import or copy/paste double-byte characters from Illustrator (CS3 or CS4) and Photoshop (CS3 or CS4) without loss of fidelity. Float text inside a path for high-impact logos.
CSS export Design complete web pages in a robust graphic environment and then export standards-compliant, CSS-based layouts, complete with external style sheets, in one step. Integrate foreground and background graphics with new slice types.
Styles panel upgrades Work more efficiently with the enhanced Styles panel. With the click of an icon, choose between default Fireworks styles, current document styles, or styles from other libraries. Multiple style sets can easily be accessed.
Workspace improvements Quickly place Smart Guides on your canvas for swift, accurate positioning and measurement of guides and elements. Edit symbols in place for precise symbol refinement in context with the rest of your design.
Adobe Kuler integration Access the latest color themes from the Adobe Kulerв„ў web-hosted service right in Fireworks to sample and apply to your web designs. Craft color harmonies for your own use or to upload to Kuler.
Adobe ConnectNow integration Connect client to designer for a real-time online meeting with full-screen sharing across platforms and the country with the Adobe ConnectNow service.

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