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AdobeВ® FlashВ® CS4 Professional software is the industry-leading authoring environment for creating engaging interactive experiences. Deliver to audiences across platforms and devices.


Object-based animation Gain complete control over individual animation attributes with object-based animation, which applies tweens directly to objects instead of to keyframes. Easily make changes to motion with Bezier handles.
3D transformation Animate 2D objects through 3D space with exciting new 3D translation and rotation tools, which allow you to animate along the x, y, and z axes. Apply local or global transformation to any object.
Inverse kinematics with the Bones tool Create chain-like animation effects with a series of linked objects, or quickly distort a single shape using the new Bones tool.
Procedural modeling with Deco and Spray Brush Turn symbols into instant design tools. Apply symbols in a variety of ways: Quickly create kaleidoscope-like effects and apply fills using the Deco tool, or randomly spray symbols across any defined area using the Spray Brush.
Sophisticated video tools Leverage the AdobeВ® Media Encoder and experience advanced video capabilities including embedded cue points, alpha channel support, and high-quality video codecs.
Authoring for Adobe AIR Deliver interactive experiences to the desktop with new integrated capability to publish to the Adobe AIRв„ў runtime.
New Adobe Creative Suite interface Boost your efficiency with intuitive panel docking and spring-loaded behaviors that streamline your interaction with tools throughout the Adobe Creative SuiteВ® editions.
Delivery to the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player Continue to reach wide audiences around the world by delivering to the most popular media player on the Internet today: Adobe FlashВ® Player.
XFL support Open content from Adobe InDesignВ® or After EffectsВ® software and retain file integrity.

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