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Adobe Flash Professional CS6

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AdobeВ® FlashВ® Professional CS6 software is a powerful authoring environment for creating animation and multimedia content. Design immersive interactive experiences that present consistently across desktops and multiple devices, including tablets, smartphones, and televisions.

What's new

New support for HTML5 Leverage a new extension (available separately) to create interactive HTML5 content by building on core animation and drawing capabilities in Flash Professional. Export as JavaScript to target the CreateJS open source framework.
Sprite sheet generation Export symbols and animation sequences to quickly generate sprite sheets that help improve the gaming experience, workflow, and performance.
Wide platform and device support Reach Androidв„ў and iOS devices by targeting the latest Adobe Flash Player and AIR runtimes.
Prepackaged Adobe AIR application creation Create and deliver applications with a prepackaged Adobe AIR captive runtime. Streamline application testing and enable end users to run your content without additional downloads.
Adobe AIR mobile simulation Simulate common mobile application interactions like screen orientation, touch gestures, and accelerometer to help speed up testing.
Stage 3D targeting Turbocharge rendering performance by using direct mode to leverage the open source Starling Framework for hardware-accelerated 2D content.

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