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Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended

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Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended software delivers even more imaging magic, new creative options, and the Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine for blazingly fast performance. Retouch with greater precision, and intuitively create 3D graphics, 2D designs, and movies using new and reimagined tools and workflows.*


Create 3D graphics with ease Easily create 3D artwork using an intuitive user interface, and enhance your 3D creations with shadows, lighting, animation, and new sketch and cartoon looks. AdobeВ® PhotoshopВ® CS6 Extended software also offers strong performance for 3D workflows.
Edit and enhance with imaging magic Create astonishing images with remarkable ease and control. Retouch images with groundbreaking Content-Aware tools, easily select and mask intricate image elements, and explore many more intelligent editing tools.
Work more efficiently Edit large images and video at a quick pace. Get blazingly fast performance with the Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine and cross-platform 64-bit support, and discover productivity enhancements throughout your workflows.
Create superior designs and artwork Design using new and reengineered tools that help you create amazing work in the fewest number of steps. Use type styles for consistent formatting, easily create custom strokes and dashed lines, and much more.
Intuitively create videos and images Bring the power and creativity of the world's best image editing application to your video footage. Enhance any clip using the full range of Photoshop tools and filters, and create movies using new and intuitive tools to combine clips with titles, stills, audio, transitions, and effects.
Work with state-of-the-art photography tools Use intelligent editing tools to correct lens curvatures and other distortions, create photographic blur effects, straighten images in seconds, and so much more.
Process images professionally with the Adobe Camera Raw 7 Edit and enhance raw image files and JPEG files with the powerful tools in the Adobe Camera Raw. Reveal detail in the highlights of an image while retaining detail in the shadows. Remove noise, add grain, and more.
Control color and tone Make fine adjustments to color and tone with superior tools for color correction, HDR imaging, and HDR Toning. Even customize your black-and-white conversions for exactly the look you want.
Composite images with advanced features Work creatively with precision and efficiency. Adjust the opacity and fill of multiple layers at once, blend images smoothly, create 360-degree panoramas, extend depth of field, and more.
Take advantage of a streamlined workflow Keep your projects moving smoothly. Easily migrate and share your presets and other customizations, work with a modern interface that puts more focus on your images, and automate routine production tasks.
Save time with user-inspired improvements You speak and it happens. Photoshop CS6 Extended includes more than 65 creativity and productivity boosts directly requested by users via Facebook, Twitter, and Adobe blogs and forums.
Extend your reach Get even more out of Photoshop Extended with third-party plug-ins, custom panels, and integration with Adobe Touch Apps and Photoshop companion apps.
Perform quantitative analysis Work with specialized images for architecture, manufacturing, engineering, science, and medicine. Extract quantitative data from images, and experience support for DICOM images and MATLAB processing routines.

Some folks saving few bucks buying Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended from Amazon Marketplace, Ebay or Craigslist. But we can offer as cheap as 69.95. You can use it on PC, Mac or Linux. We can assure you, it's the best CS6 Extended you'll ever own. You'll be using your favorite brushes, textures, and effects in no time. You'll see your favorite portraits and brushes for real. You'll see yourself in it and you'll love it for life. Easy to use, this product offers you more than 1,000 brushes, including more than 200 in gradient and air brushes, as well as more than 200 layered textures, including 3D pixellame. Also included are solid pencil, point and eraser icons. You can import your custom brushes from Photoshop CS5 Extended or CS4 Extended. This product comes with more than 500 Photoshop Classic brushes, including brushes from panels, layers, and workbenches. Take your breath away with its built-in noise and soft synth, Soft Dream. Ambient and realistic lighting effects, as well as smoke and fire effects, make this image stand out. And its one of the most iconic images of all-time, thanks to wide-angle lens, tight shot composition and masterful use of color. Adobe Photoshop is a service that anyone can subscribe to, whether or not they're in on the deal. And because of that, it's not uncommon to see Creative Cloud subscribers in image-heavy professional work environments. While that's fine for photographers who just download and delete assets upon asset from work computer, web and mobile device (yes, including pesky hacks and hidden cookies), creatives on cloud use them for other purposes is not. Adobe is your creative cloud, and you don't use all of it to its fullest. To help bridge this gap of misunderstanding, I spoke with Shawn Hogarty, Content Manager & User Experience Strategy at Adobe. Hogarty offers six things to think about when thinking about using the Creative Cloud. 1. Freedom. With a subscription, you control what you put in there and what you get out. If you just want to check out a bunch of great Photoshop templates for your logo, that's great, but if you want to make your logo into a polar bear or create a t-shirt version to market your company to a local chapter of a national non-profit organization, a CC subscription is the way to go. (Both legal and not.) Likewise, if you just want to download a bunch of images and do some online collage creation option in there as well. Hogarty says you'll get rich animation, graphic design audio visual assembly line design web application creations. Use-cases to consider them in will be fully articulated in a more in-depth post later in this post. 2. Freedom of Choice. On your primary PC, that's still your desktop. That folder sits in the Adobe ID, and if you choose to go the cloud-native-out-the-field path, you'll need to migrate that desktop ID into a cloud-native path. That might require some familiarity with data centers and security best practices, but if you want to go with a free 30-day trial, this isn't a no-brainer at all. 3. The ability to override security settings. If you follow security issues at large, security questions overassigned to your desktop ID. How will customers (or potential customers on Facebook) knowing you have that same folder on it? How will it be possible to track your income? The answer to the security questions isn't unlocking your desktop, but it is theoretically unlocking your user password. Going back to #1, the cloud-native path takes security very seriously, and Adobe recognizes this. That means cracking requests like this go to the core security chops. That being said, I was able to live-tweak the dial to deny access entirely, and in theory could bypass two security questions at least. I asked to have the question posed to my desktop ID used for the question correctly, I wanted to have it use the latest security question correctly instead. How you handle this for an already-set security question is your call. 4. Cloud-based paint tools only? You'll have to wait a few months for CS6, but already some customers are complaining that Prim Podge or Haus de Boe. Prim Podge is a bit of a mixed blessing. It might prove essential for some projects, but for the most part was not revolutionary or anything Adobe hadn't already done. For others, it's going to be too late. that laser therapy paint-etch tool from Rosetta Stone blew my mind with its ability to paint a realistic maple walnut. the infrared camera it sends to the image files results inchauzer will almost certainly resemble the original bird. They went to extreme lengths to ensure the laser will not infringe on Rosetta Stone's copyright. They used a neoprene,