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Tell your story with maximum impact using AdobeВ® PremiereВ® Pro CS3 software, the start-to-finish solution for efficient video production that now includes Adobe OnLocationв„ў CS3* (WindowsВ® only) and Adobe EncoreВ® CS3. Save time from on-set capture using Adobe OnLocation through to output, expand your creative options via integration with Adobe After EffectsВ® CS3 Professional and PhotoshopВ® CS3 software, and deliver your content to DVD, Blu-ray Disc, the web, and mobile devices.


Native tapeless editing workflow for Sony XDCAM and Panasonic P2 formats Import and edit content from Sony XDCAM and Panasonic P2 equipment natively, without transcoding or rewrapping. Deliver content quickly and efficiently with true native editing directly from XDCAM, XDCAM EX, XDCAM HD and P2 media. Or copy files to the hard drive to take full advantage of your system’s speed. Adobe Premiere Pro retains key metadata from the XDCAM and P2 media, making it available within the project window. Editors can mix other file formats freely within the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline, combining content from multiple sources. Finally, export your work to P2 to allow playback on P2 equipment.
Efficient tools for creative editing Create high-quality visual and editorial effects directly within the editing timeline. Generate slow motion and other time-remapping effects with precise keyframe control and real-time feedback. Add color correction, lighting and other effects, audio filters, and more with fast, flexible, built-in tools. Edit footage from multicam shoots with ease and precision.
Comprehensive video-format compatibility Work with the formats you want. Edit all standard- or high-definition formats, from DV and HDV to HD and beyond (some formats may require additional hardware).
Broad range of supporting hardware and software for Mac and Windows Choose from a wide range of Mac and WindowsВ® workstations and capture cards to build the editing system that meets your needs and budget. Enhance your system with additional plug-ins, including many from AdobeВ® After EffectsВ® software.
DVD and Blu-ray Disc output with included Adobe EncoreВ® CS3 Create DVD and Blu-ray Discs with Adobe Encore CS3 software, now included with Adobe PremiereВ® Pro CS3. Work with the same Adobe Encore authoring interface and features used to create standard-definition DVDs. Author once, deliver to three formats: automatically convert your high-definition Blu-ray Disc projects into standard-definition DVDs and interactive versions for the web.
Superior integration with other Adobe applications Make the leading still and motion graphics applications, Adobe Photoshop® and After Effects, part of an efficient post-production workflow. Import and animate Photoshop layers. Automatically create Photoshop files that match the current project’s frame size and aspect ratio. Drag and drop or copy and paste clips and timelines between Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and After Effects CS3 Professional.
Direct-to-disk recording with included Adobe OnLocation CS3* (Windows only) Save tape and time by eliminating capture from your production process. Record SD and HD video directly to hard disk using Adobe OnLocationв„ў CS3 software, included with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. Instantly review each shot without shuttling tape. Adobe OnLocation automatically detects and flags problems to provide the best results.
Professional on-set monitoring with Adobe OnLocation CS3 Maximize camera image quality during shoots by using Adobe OnLocation CS3 to quickly calibrate your camera, check levels, and monitor your signal. Use simple tools that function like their hardware equivalents to get results quickly and easily. The virtual reference monitor, waveform monitor, vectorscope, and audio spectrum analyzer help you avoid problems and improve quality when shooting.
Delivery to the web and mobile devices Make your video viewable on the delivery platforms of today and tomorrow. Export as SWF FLV files. Easily convert DVD projects complete with menus to SWF for web playback. Encode for delivery to cell phones and other mobile devices, and emulate playback on those devices to check playback quality.
Improved editing efficiency Work faster with powerful and flexible editing tools. Play video with nested audio sequences in real time without rendering. Replace any clip in the timeline with a new clip while preserving the replaced clip’s editing attributes and settings. Use shortcuts to switch between workspace panels and save time.
Accelerated client review and approval with Adobe Clip Notes Expedite review cycles and avoid miscommunication with Adobe Clip Notes. Embed video into a PDF file, e-mail the file to your client to review and add timecode-specific comments, and then view comments mapped to the Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 timeline.

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