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Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

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Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 software combines incredible performance with a sleek, revamped user interface and a host of fantastic new creative features, including Warp Stabilizer for stabilizing footage, dynamic timeline trimming, expanded multicam editing, adjustment layers, and more. Ready to switch to the ultimate toolset for video pros?

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Edit faster with a highly intuitive editing toolset Edit your way using a revamped, highly intuitive user interface. With an easy-to-use toolset that lets you use a keyboard-driven workflow to edit with precision, AdobeВ® PremiereВ® Pro CS6 software sets a new standard in editing efficiency.
Work in real time Enjoy uninterrupted playback. Take advantage of GPU-accelerated performance to edit, trim, or adjust effects and perform three-way color correction during playback — all in real time. Use GPU-accelerated effects to control aspect ratio, field order, alpha channels, pull-down removal, vector keying, time remapping, transitions, and more.
Streamline production with broad support for file-based workflows Streamline production with a native file-based workflow that lets you work with virtually any video, graphic, and audio format from nearly any device. Native support eliminates time-consuming transcoding and rewrapping processes, while enabling instant importing and intermediate render-free playback. Support for a wide range of hardware enables you to build the editing system that meets your needs and budget.
Harness industry-leading performance Handle the most demanding projects smoothly with the dynamically scalable, 64-bit Adobe Mercury Playback Engine on workstations and laptops, CPU- and GPU-accelerated performance, and better-than-ever third-party I/O hardware integration in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.
Increase efficiency with timesaving editing features Meet the most demanding production deadlines and get more done in less time, whether you're using advanced trimming tools; creating multicam sequences; setting in and out points; scrubbing clip thumbnails directly in the Project panel; or on a Mac, navigating timelines with convenient, gestural trackpad controls.
Get a powerful set of creative tools Realize your creative vision and tap into a world-class toolset built on more than 20 years of imaging excellence. Work with more multicam angles and an intuitive Three-Way Color Corrector, stabilize shaky footage, and create adjustment layers that behave like those in After Effects. Get closed-captioning support, time remapping, precise keyframe controls, and more.
Manage projects, sequences, and clips efficiently Keep your projects running smoothly with RapidFind search results, clip instances that are updated automatically when you update the asset they reference, nested sequences, immediate playback, and more.
Gain precise audio control Take control of your audio with sample-level audio editing; direct waveform scrubbing; 16-channel audio export; the ability to view audio waveforms in multicam footage; and simpler, more flexible audio track types for combining up to 99 mono, stereo, and adaptive audio tracks in real time.
Save time with unparalleled Adobe integration Effortlessly move assets between Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, Photoshop Extended, IllustratorВ®, Adobe AuditionВ®, Adobe Prelude, and Adobe SpeedGrade software. Eliminate intermediate rendering with faster-than-ever Dynamic Link.
Collaborate through third-party workflow integration Work in an open, extensible production environment. Easily exchange projects with Final Cut Pro and Avid software, as well as other third-party tools and applications. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 includes improved support for industry-standard XML, AAF, and OMF interchange formats.
Produce better output faster with Adobe Media Encoder Encode video faster and use intuitive preset favorites to easily configure a single source for output to any combination of video and device formats, including Androidв„ў and iOS devices, YouTube, Vimeo, HDTV, and more with 64-bit Adobe Media Encoder CS6.
Benefit from an end-to-end metadata workflow Make your assets smarter with metadata. Use metadata to organize media and speed up the editing process. Get a streamlined post-production, metadata-rich workflow when working with other components of Adobe Creative SuiteВ® 6 Production Premium software. Import metadata-infused Adobe Story scripts and sync them to footage. Jump-start your edits by importing rough cuts with associated metadata from Prelude CS6.
Deliver engaging experiences practically anywhere Create video optimized for tablets, web, smartphones, and television. From capture to delivery, use metadata to make assets easier to manage in production, create engaging experiences, and make online content easier for audiences to discover through search engines.

Looking for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 cheap price? We can offer as low as 89.95. If you're a fan of lightweight and customizable software, then you know Premiere Pro CS6 is a must for any video editor. It features stunning new effects and tools, including Lens Correction and Patch Cloud, as well as improved performance and stability. Best deal: For just $39.99, get Adobe Premiere Pro CC for Mac, for Windows. 5. After Effects CS5 for Cinema 4D. If you’re a die-hard After Effects fan, then you're probably a fan of the trial version of CS5, which is only $39.99. The full version has access to over 150 new features and improved stability, plus support for new versions of Cinema 4D, Lightroom and Photoshop. Best deal: For $29.99, get the trial version of After Effects CS5 for Cinema 4D. 6. After Effects CS5. After Effects CS5 brings a number of improvements to the camera app, including improved autofocus and HDR support for CamCams, and support for the Raspberry Pi and dual displays. The app also improves depth-sensing, and Cubemaps rendering, with both Java and web apps the most recent versions of. The desktop app has also been given an overall performance bump with better performance searching, performing, merging, merging, and rendering sequences has been found in each capture. The app has also been given support for HDR for photo and video editing, and support for four camera support for date and two cameras for the camera in the case video. The former two features are commonly found in pro video editing applications, but with support for graphics card support for NVIDIA's Maxwell architecture, the latter one is coming soon to more graphics-intensive apps. The beta also includes a feature test, which pops up a feature freeze list with as many requirements on the feature list as there are available, and a requirements list for users to try adding or requesting features. The Google Test Suite has given the new beta an overall score of 97 out of 100 from Mac Strikers, who rated it 87 out of 100, with 81,177 ratings. The Mac Strikers review section tends to have slightly higher scores, but overall Mac Strikers rating is higher because of the dedicated editing community and recommend,uer. In July 2010, Adobe announced that CS5.0.x would be rolling out to existing users in the UK and Ireland. Adobe also announced that CS4.0 would be coming to those regions in "four or five months." The US and EU will get CS3.0 in October. A new version for these regions will be announced "later." In India, the existing CS4.0 license will be cancelled and the new one will be available in March 2013. This article edited April 2014 : Adobe has now re-issued their CS4.0 requirements with new requirements and a move to a cloud-based backend database. The refresh rates and update times for customers seems much better.