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Adobe Presenter 9

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AdobeВ® Presenter 9 software makes it easy to create professional-quality videos by capturing both yourself and your screen with a few clicks. Turn passive content into video presentations, product demonstrations, training videos, and more on your own, right at your desktop. Edit your videos with a simple four-button interface. Get feedback by including quizzes and surveys. Publish to video portals, desktops, and mobile devices, and track performance using integration with LMSs.


New audio workflow
Microsoft Office 2013 support
WindowsВ® 8/8.1 compatibility
Content authoring in Microsoft PowerPoint
PowerPoint 2010 support
Rich animations using ActionScript 3
Slide branching
Integration with Adobe Captivate 6
Stunning videos made from your desktop
Desktop-based video production
Simplified video post-production
Video add-ons
Smart video production
Enhanced audio filters
Enhanced video add-ons
Publishing to video platforms
Audio narration and editing
Video insertion
eLearning templates
Drag & Drop elements
More Smart learning interactions
Scenario template
In-course collaboration
Importing questions from existing quizzes
Generating question pools
Video Analytics
Tin Can, SCORM and AICC support
Publishing to tablets
Publishing to video platforms
Learner Intervention
Tracking and reporting
Publishing to Adobe Connect
Multilingual support
Attractive quizzing out of the box
Survey authoring
Synchronized multimedia
Navigation restrictions
Presentation viewer customization
Presentation viewer templates
Integrated slide notes
Presentation attachments
Search pane
Quiz pane
Streaming audio and video
Shuffling the order of answers
Shuffling the order of questions
Presentation reports
Adobe PDF file publication
File size control
Universal standards support
Accessibility support
Automatic closed captioning
Customized user navigation interface

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