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Altium Designer 17

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Truly Unified Design - Altium Designer bridges all facets of the PCB design process to keep you seamlessly connected to every aspect of your design — at all times.

Only Altium Designer adds nearly 6,000 New users annually.

Easily migrate from competitors' toolchains with the most powerful translation tools in the industry — without which our remarkable growth wouldn’t be possible.


PCB Design Easily maneuver objects on the board layout with controlled component placement and complete synchronization between schematic and PCB.
Schematic Design Design top-tier electronics more efficiently with hierarchical schematic and design reuse in one cohesive user interface.
Design Environment Significantly improve productivity with all aspects of the design process interconnected, including schematic, PCB, documentation and simulation.
Manufacturing Outputs Experience the elegance of managing your data and preparing it for release with seamless, streamlined documentation capabilities.
Switching is Easy The overwhelming growth of Atium Designer mandates that we have the simplest and most comprehensive translation capabilities available.

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