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Autodesk Advance Steel 2018

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Complete toolset for structural steel design

Advance Steel detailing software offers structural engineers and detailers a large library of intelligent parametric structural elements, steel connections, and plates.

What's new

Fabrication data information Get access to fabrication data information in sub-assemblies and in the documentation. Transfer fabrication data properties from one assembly to another (and with its associated attached parts) byВ using the Match Properties command. All tokens for fabrication data information are also available for external bills-of-materials (BOMs) and lists on drawings.
Repeat Last command Save productivity and clicks with the Repeat Last command. If you right-click an area in your model, you can repeat a command several times. This behavior has been extended for more commands than in previous releases.
Beam offset information in label Get the beam offset value that's automatically displayed in labels. The relative vertical position of structural members is displayed through the beam label on drawings. This is controlled by a token that automatically displays the beam offset value (or position, if the beam is inclined) in the object label in relation to the Plan view on the general arrangement drawing.
Snap points on anchors Work with snap points to more efficiently dimension anchors on drawings. You can snap to specific snap points on anchors (when they're displayed with their exact representation) on general arrangement drawings. This helps provide useful points for manual dimensioning.
Grid balloon placement control Control the placement and size of grid balloons and improve the appearance of your drawings. You can do this by "breaking" the grid extension line, and offsetting the position of the balloon and part of the grid extension line to the sides. In addition, a new option lets you place grid line symbols and balloons at the top in Elevation views. You can also keep the balloon size equal on the sheet and decrease the text size to fit the balloon borders.
Structural member representation Structural members can be displayed as symbols. You have several options to choose from. The Beam symbol is always placed at the end of the line that represents the left side on the assembly drawing of this part.
Custom clipping symbols Gain greater control of clipping symbols in Detail view. When showing part of a model on a drawing in Detail view, you can choose from different types of clipping symbols for elements that are not fully included in this view.
User-defined formulas in BOMs Now you can include formulas such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in your BOMs template. All used tokens in a line can be part of the calculation. The result is then automatically calculated and appears in the obtained BOM. This helps you add, for example, an extra 5% to your bolt quantity to be shipped at the site.
Templates for lists on drawings A new template for creating a list on drawings is available with connection location information on single-part drawings. This provides information if the parts are shop-welded, shop-bolted, or both.
Steel connections synchronization Synchronize steel connections between models created in Revit and/or Advance Steel, while keeping them as intelligent parametric connections. You can customize the Synchronization dialog box by adding specific columns labeled Connection parameters - Files and Connection parameters so you can more easily compare the differences. A Connection checkbox in the Filters category lets you hide the connection lines from the dialog box.
View native drawings in AutoCAD The Advance Steel object enabler lets you open any Advance Steel 2D drawing in plain AutoCAD. You can't modify the drawing content. However, you can complete the drawing by inserting AutoCAD dimensions or annotations because you can snap to objects displayed within the drawing.
Open and flexible API Advance Steel provides a rich and powerful API (application programming interface) that you can use to automate repetitive tasks, and extend the software's core functionality in modeling, designing steel connections, and more. The API lets you program with any .NET compliant language, including VB.NET, C#, and managed C++. The Software Development Toolkit provides .NET code samples and documentation to help you get started developing with the API.

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