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buy Autodesk Alias AutoStudio 2019

Autodesk Alias AutoStudio 2019

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Industrial design and Class-A surfacing software

AliasВ® industrial design software provides sketching, concept modeling, surfacing, and visualization tools for industrial, product, and automotive design.

What's new

Virtual reality with Alias Enhance design reviews with virtual reality. Explore your design to scale using an HMD in VR.
Photoshop live link Sketches from Photoshop can be linked to Alias. Changes to sketches are dynamically updated in Alias.
Computational design in Alias Quickly generate complex repeatable patterns and enable rapid design iterations and exploration.
Marking Menu editor More easily customize Marking Menus with a new selection of styles.
Design model share Design and collaborate on a single Alias model in the cloud. Review, mark up, and collaborate via the web and on portable devices.
Offset tool Offset command ensures that offset CV layout quality is maintained, enabling a semi-automated, time-saving workflow.
Look around feature Fly to a point of interest immediately; enable immediate navigation to a point in the design.
Canvas pivot function Manipulate Canvas layers like any other geometry type—scale, snap, and pivot images in real time.
Performance improvements Multithreading implemented for File I/O for Alias reduces File Open and Save times by an order of 3.

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