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Autodesk Alias Surface 2016

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Refine concept models into Class-A surfaces for consumer and automotive designs.

Concept design

Flexible product modeling Experiment with ideas in shape and form. Pursue innovative solutions to your design challenges. Quickly explore and visualize any form using a range of 3D modeling techniques. Alias software combines fast, repeatable, curve-based modeling tools with the ability to directly edit and sculpt 3D models. Choose the best modeling technique for the task at hand. Generate multiple design iterations quickly, and make subtle corrections or radical changes with flexible tools.
Dynamic shape modeling Quickly manipulate your product model and explore shape variations on 3D forms without rebuilding geometry. Make real-time modifications and shape objects dynamically in design reviews. Manipulate a customizable lattice rig created around an object to sculpt geometry, or bend it using a curve to control deformation. You can also twist geometry around a single-axis curve, or conform it to the shape of another surface.
3D sculpting Refine your 3D models through an intuitive, iterative process. Sculpt surfaces by directly adjusting surface control vertices. Use curve-based tools to define a shape at its edges, and use direct modeling to adjust the shape at any point. Maintain complete control, achieving the exact form and surface quality you need.

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