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Design and shape the world around you with the powerful, flexible features in AutoCAD 2013 software, one of the world’s leading 2D and 3D CAD design tools. Maximize productivity by using powerful tools for design aggregation and documentation, connecting and streamlining your design and documentation workflows.

Explore your design ideas with the powerful new features of AutoCAD 2013 software. Connect with Autodesk® 360, share your designs with your social world, and work more productively with model documentation enhancements. And with AutoCAD Apps on Autodesk Exchange, it’s easier than ever to customize your AutoCAD experience.


Section and Details View A new model documentation tab provides easier access to tools for creating Section and Details views. Choose from common section methods including Full, half, offset, and aligned. Specify circular or rectangular boundaries for detail views. Constrain section lines and detail boundaries to key points in the drawing views to help maintain fidelity even as the model or layout change. Maintain consistency across multiple section or detail views with customizable view styles.
Strike-Thru Text A new strikethrough style is provided for Mtext, Mleaders, Dimensions, Tables and ArcText offering increased flexibility for representing text in your documents.
Autodesk 360 Connectivity A tight connection with AutodeskВ® 360 allows you to synchronize files. This includes syncing drawings and folders with your online account directly from within AutoCADВ® software. You can export and attach files directly to your single sign-on account and share files with others via your Autodesk online account.
Customization and Support File Sync You can easily share and access your AutoCAD customization preferences and support files to travel with you as you move from one machine to the next.
Social Media Sharing Share your AutoCAD designs with your social world using built-in connections for Facebook and Twitter.
Context Sensitive PressPull The PressPull tool is enhanced to be more flexible and context sensitive. Now you can use the PressPull tool to extrude and offset curves, creating surfaces and solids. A new Multiple option in the PressPull tool enables you to select multiple objects within a single PressPull operation.
Inventor File Import Autodesk Inventor Fusion software adds to the 3D conceptual design capabilities of AutoCAD, enabling you to flexibly edit and validate models from almost any source. Enhanced interoperability allows you to edit solids in CAD blocks without exploding them.
Surface Curve Extraction The new Surface Curve Extraction tool extracts isoline curves through a specified point on a surface or face of a solid.
Modern User Interaction The AutoCAD user interface has been enhanced to provide a more seamless interaction with the software. You'll find a less intrusive, yet more flexible command line, additional contextual ribbon tabs, and more objects with multi-functional grips. This streamlined interaction with powerful tools, such as associative arrays and hatching help you save time and focus on your design.
Property Edit Preview You can dynamically and instantaneously preview changes to object properties before applying them. For example, if you select objects and then use the Properties palette to change the color, the selected objects dynamically change color as you pass the cursor over each color in the list.
Simplified Migration to AutoCAD 2013 New and enhanced tools make it easier to migrate your custom settings or reset AutoCAD software to the default install settings. Improved handling of tool palettes, a reset tool that returns you to the default settings, and a new migration of custom materials help ease the transition to AutoCAD 2013 from AutoCAD 2012 or previous versions.

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