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Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2016

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Specifically for architectural design, AutoCADВ® Architecture software is an architectural drafting tool to help you design and document more efficiently.

Create architectural drawings, documentation, and schedules more quickly and easily. Built for architects, AutoCADВ® Architecture has design and documentation features that help automate tedious drafting tasks, reduce errors, and increase efficiency.


Architectural renovation Building renovation tools can help speed the design and production of renovation projects. The tools enable you to graphically represent design changes to existing buildings as existing, new, or demolished, and coordinate renovation drawing views.
Preview architectural object styles With Style Preview, you can visually confirm walls, doors, windows, and other architectural object styles in the Properties Palette before use.
Walls, doors, and windows Create documents and architectural drawings using walls, doors, and windows that mimic real-world behavior and construction. Modify walls and their endcap conditions on a component level for improved handling of common wall conditions, such as angled, cornered, or intersecting fire-rated walls. Insert and place doors or windows into your architectural drawings with more precise control. When you move any wall, all connected walls and spaces automatically update.
Integrated rendering Bring architectural designs to life for impressive client presentations at any stage. Streamlined visualization capabilities are fully integrated into the AutoCAD Architecture workflow. Accelerate architectural design review cycles by publishing directly to DWFв„ў or DWFx file formats.
Real-time Fillet/Chamfer changes Command Preview enables you to see Fillet and Chamfer changes in real time, as you make them, even before the command is complete.

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