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Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2015

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AutoCADВ® Architecture software is the version of AutoCAD specifically for architectural design. Architectural drafting tools enable you to design and document more efficiently in the familiar AutoCAD environment. Start working in AutoCAD Architecture and experience productivity gains right away, while learning new features at your own pace.
Project Navigator CheckOut
Project Navigator CheckIn
Color-coded version differentiation
Easier style import
Easier Style searching
Preview Architectural Object styles
Moveable Style Viewer
Real-time Fillet/Chamfer changes
Dynamic wall moves
Improved section cleanup
Roof Properties in Schedule tables
Automated property set definitions
Annotation and unit scaling
Display order by layer
Easy changes to block instances
Streamlined door functionality
Sections and elevations
Walls, doors, and windows
Architectural drawing creation and annotation
Streamlined user interface
Integrated rendering
Wall dimensioning
Customized scheduling
Space tagging and documentation
Room documentation
Architectural renovation
Industry Foundation Class (IFC) support

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