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Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2016

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Create 2D CAD drawings with AutoCAD LTВ® software. AutoCAD LT features include a richer design context and smarter tools, like Stunning Visual Experience, Smart Dimensioning, and Enhanced PDFs.


Stunning Visual Experience See the details in your designs more clearly with visual enhancements such as Line Fading. Readability is now enhanced with true curves instead of line segments. Minimize the need to undo an operation with Command Preview, which lets you see the results of a command before you commit to it. Move and copy large selection sets more easily.
Enhanced PDFs Produce documents more quickly with smarter, smaller, more powerful files. All text is searchable, and you can attach PDF files to your drawings for better performance.
Smart Dimensioning Automatically create appropriate measurements based on your drawing context. Pass the cursor over selected objects to see a preview of the resulting dimension before you actually create it.
Sysvar monitor Prevent unwanted changes to your system settings. This feature alerts you to changes to your preferences that could affect your drafting work.
Revision cloud (enhanced) Create revision clouds with more flexibility and modify them with ease. Place revision bubbles around new changes in a drawing and quickly identify your updates. Whether your revision cloud is rectangular, polygonal, or freehand, you can now edit its size and shape with grip more efficiently.
New Tab page Quickly open new and existing drawings, and access a large selection of design elements that can help you start on a project. Use the New Tab page to open templates, updates from a design feed, or design data residing in the A360 cloud application.
Ribbon galleries Save time and clicks by accessing drawing context directly from the ribbon. For example, to add a block to your design, hover over the ribbon for a block insertion. You can see thumbnails of all the blocks in the Block gallery, and you can insert your selection right away, without having to move off your drawing into a dialog box. It's intuitive, visual, and fast.
Design feed Use the design feed on an intranet, as well as on Internet or cloud connections. The design and the conversation happen in the same place. But when it's time to send your final drawing, you can decide whether the conversation should go along with it. Built-in tools in eTransmit and File Save workflows can strip the comments, if you like.
Command preview “Undo” less often by catching mistakes before they happen. Preview the outcomes of frequently used commands, such as Offset, Fillet, and Trim, before you commit to them.
TrustedDWG technology Confidently share CAD files with TrustedDWGв„ў technology. TrustedDWG helps you maintain all the elements in your drawings, and the relationships between those elements. All AutoCAD products use this technology to store and share design and documentation files.
Refined interface The interface has a modernized look and feel that improves the design process. The darker background makes fine lines, buttons, and text stand out better and helps to reduce eyestrain.

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