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Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D 2010

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AutoCADВ® Map 3D software enables engineers, planners, mapping technicians, surveyors, and GIS professionals to directly access, edit, visualize, and analyze a broad variety of CAD and spatial data in a familiar AutoCADВ® software environment.

AutoCAD Map 3D mapping software is one of the leading engineering platforms for creating and managing spatial data and bridges the gap between CAD and GIS. AutoCAD Map 3D makes it possible for engineering and GIS professionals to work with the same data, and helps you integrate geospatial functions in a single environment for more efficient workflows.


AutoCAD Map 3D 2010 software contains all the features and functionality of AutoCADВ® 2010 software, installed automatically—so you know youвЂ˜re working with powerful, reliable documentation software.
The new ribbon-style user interface (UI) can increase overall productivity and reduce the number of steps to reach a command. This interface presents command options in a concise visual format, so you can quickly choose the commands you need. The ribbon is customizable and expandable, so it can adjust to fit each user.
AutoCAD Map 3D survey functionality focuses on asset data collection and mapping. This new functionality helps you to organize, manage, and integrate your field-collected data within the AutoCAD Map 3D environment. The functionality includes direct import.
Additional coordinate geometry (COGO) tools are available for accurately locating and creating features captured via traditional survey methods. In addition to existing Bearing/Distance, Azimuth/Distance, Angle/Distance, and Deflection/Distance options, new methods include Orthogonal/Offset, Bearing/Bearing, Distance/Distance, and Inverse Report.
Seven new overlay operations enhance the analytical capabilities of AutoCAD Map 3D 2010 geospatial software.
Compare or combine FDO-connected (Feature Data Objects) data stores for faster, more accurate decision-making. Enhancements to the Expression Builder enable you to construct composite queries you can apply across multiple FDO-accessed data sources.
Using Windows® Workflow™ Foundation, AutoCAD Map 3D geospatial software makes it easy to automate repetitive tasks with a new and powerful workflow framework and user interface. This framework makes it easy to build, save, and share simple and complex workflows with a visual editor. Workflows can include logic and initiate calls to other workflows—all with a single mouse click—improving efficiency and consistency in results.
Continued enhancements enable easier data creation and editing of features accessed via FDO. Improvements to object snap functionality include the addition of intersection, extension, apparent intersection, and parallel object snaps. In addition, AutoCAD Map 3D software enables you to easily manipulate multipart, multiring, and geospatial features with “m” or “z” values. With the Properties Palette, it's easy to edit feature attributes by changing data values for multiple features in a single operation.
Improved Bulk Copy functionality enables you to use Display Manager layers and include calculated and joined data fields when copying data to new data stores. Bulk Copy can also use the map coordinate system with re-projected data. In addition, AutoCAD Map 3D 2010 includes new LandXML import and export functionality that makes it easy to exchange data with AutoCADВ® Civil 3DВ® software and other applications that support LandXML format.
AutoCAD Map 3D 2010 includes support for MicrosoftВ® SQL ServerВ® 2008 Spatial, giving you another option for your spatial data storage needs. Additional Autodesk FDO providers, including the Autodesk FDO Provider for GE Smallworld, are available to AutodeskВ® Subscription members in the Subscription Center.
Enhancements to re-projection alogrithims provide more accurate re-projections of raster imagery accessed through FDO Data Access Technology.
Support for 64-bit operating systems provides more flexibility in operating system configurations and access to larger addressable memory space.

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