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Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 2019

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Design faster with an industry-specific toolset for mechanical engineering including 700,000+ intelligent parts and features.


Layer management Isolate and restore layer groups and specify linetypes and lineweights.
Hidden lines Update geometry automatically when changes occur. Minimize manual redraws.
700,000+ standard parts and features Produce accurate drawings with standard components.
Machinery generators and calculators Efficiently analyze designs, including shaft, spring, belt, chain, and cam generators.
Document 3D CAD models Detail native Inventor part and assembly models.
Reusable mechanical drawing detailing tools Use intelligent drafting tools made for mechanical design.
Custom content library and publishing Create and save custom content.
Command preview and contextual menus Preview fillet, chamfer, and offset commands.
AutoCAD mobile app Take the power of AutoCAD wherever you go.
Smart mechanical engineering dimensions Create dimensions using abbreviated dialog boxes.
Support for international drafting standards Deliver standards-based design documentation.
Associative balloons and bills of materials Create automated part lists and BOMs.

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