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buy Autodesk AutoCAD Plant 3D 2018

Autodesk AutoCAD Plant 3D 2018

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Plant layout and piping design features

AutoCADВ® Plant 3D software enables piping designers to more quickly lay out steel structures, model equipment, and route piping design using AutoCAD commands.


Tight integration with Vault Vault data management software integration enables easier interoffice project collaboration. Create the Vault project from within AutoCAD Plant 3D.
Automated pipe routing Route spec-driven piping quickly and easily. AutoCAD Plant 3D automatically adds mating flanges when needed. Semi-automated pipe routing makes piping design simpler. Branch from an elbow, and the software automatically replaces the elbow with a tee. When routing to an existing pipe, the software automatically places the branch component according to the spec-driven branch table.
Parametric equipment modeling Quickly place equipment into the 3D model using predefined parametric models. Or create equipment using parametric components. Define equipment using standard solid shapes, and save as templates for other projects.
Structural modeling Quickly lay out steel structures, including stairs, ladders, and railings, using standard steel sections. AutoCAD Plant 3D includes industry steel catalogs, such as AISC, CISC, and DIN.
Calculate weights and center of gravity (COG) Calculate the center of gravity (COG) of individual piping components and combinations of components, including pipelines and piping spools, and produce COG reports. View the COG in 3D as the properties display the X, Y, and Z location, as well as the total weight of the selected components. You can edit the COG location of individual components to allow for custom parts, like extended valve operators, and produce COG reports in PDF, Excel, or HTML files.
Fixed length pipe modeling Route fixed length pipe more easily and produce detailed material takeoffs (MTOs). AutoCAD Plant 3D supports AWWA, BPE, and other piping catalogs that typically contain fixed-length pipes.
P&ID data validation Route piping from the P&ID, and check the 3D piping model against the P&ID. Select a piping component from the P&ID, and it goes right from the piping spec into the 3D model. Validate the 3D model against the P&ID at any time and view the difference report.
Orthographic drawings and piping isometrics Create orthographic drawings from a model for more consistency across the drawings. The software creates piping isomterics automatically, as needed. Tools in AutoCAD Plant 3D display when you need to update an orthographic drawing due to changes in the plant model.
Import Inventor equipment models Place simplified Inventor 3D CAD software models into AutoCAD Plant 3D models and intelligently connect piping. Update the Inventor model, as needed, and check piping connections for consistency
Bills of materials (BOMs) Create BOM tables and linked annotations when creating orthographic drawings. Customize project-specific table formats, as needed.

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