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Autodesk AutoCAD Utility Design 2015

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AutoCADВ® Utility Design software combines design and documentation with rules-driven workflows and analysis for electrical distribution design. Improve design accuracy, analyze and optimize network designs for greater performance and reliability, and deliver more consistent and coordinated documentation.


3D model-based design Design overhead and underground structures, electrical components, and communication features, including overhead primary lines with neutrals and dual network support.
Configurable rules, workflows, and standards Define rules that govern workflows, engineering analysis, and validation.
Rules-based engineering analysis Size and place assets to have fewer over-orders of materials and in-field changes.
Coordinate and deliver design data Review, approve, and manage designs in Vault data management software. Generate bills of materials (BOMs) and drawings for designs.
Share data between design and GIS Sync and merge data from AutoCAD Utility Design with the industry model in AutoCAD Map 3D mapping software.

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