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Autodesk Inventor LT 2016

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Inventor LTв„ў software delivers the powerful part-level design capabilities of Inventor software. Practical and affordable, Inventor LT helps you move from a 2D to 3D multiCAD environment.


What's new in Inventor LT 2016 Discover the new 3D mechanical CAD features inside Inventor LT 2016. New features include free-form editing tools with enhanced surface manipulation. Direct editing tools now include 3 В scaling options, and enhanced documentation and annotation speed the overall creation of documents.
Free-form tools Explore an alternate modeling approach by creating free-form shapes with tools and direct manipulation. Start with an existing design created with parametric modeling tools. Then, then add free-form into the design. Use the Freeform Match Edge command to modify a free-form body to match to existing model or sketch geometry. Model concepts to create rough shapes where size and shape are not yet established.
Direct Edit functionality Parametrically move, size, rotate, and delete imported solid models or nativeВ Inventor 3D CAD softwareВ files.В Use Direct Edit to quickly and precisely change parametric/feature part geometry in models with complex histories. Change imported base solid data and explore redesign possibilitiesВ early in the process, before you commit to a final design.
Startup and learning experience Improved tools support an easier, more intuitive learning experience in the Inventor Home environment.В Inventor Home functions as your personal dashboard and provides a single, central, in-product location for learning and help content. The Tutorial Learning Path guides you through the most common workflows to provide a solid foundation. New interactive tutorials cover the basics of Sketch, Parts, and Drawings.В 
3D mechanical CAD Design mechanical parts in 3D with powerful, part-level parametric modeling. Create simple and complex parts quickly. Visualize and verify part designs in 3D to avoid costly errors—before building expensive physical prototypes. Then, generate photorealistic renderings of 3D part models to communicate design intent to customers and other reviewers. Reduce rework and cycle times to bring better products to market sooner.
DWG file format Share 3D part designs and 2D to 3D multiCAD design data with customers and suppliers without relying on separate file translation software. Import, create, modify, and export 3D part models in common file formats to streamline communication with your supply chain.В As projects progress and downstream users need production-ready DWGв„ў drawings, Inventor LT can generate production-ready drawings that update automatically whenever the model changes.
Import and export third-party 3D CAD data Work with third-party 3D CAD data, including non-native assemblies from customers and suppliers.В Import and export 3D part models in common file formats without relying on separate file translation software. With Inventor LT, you can easily share 3D design data with customers and suppliers, improving communication with your extended supply chain.
Move to 3D mechanical CAD at your own pace (suite only) ReuseВ AutoCAD LTВ 2D CAD data in Inventor LT to start designing in 3D. Make the most of your AutoCAD software expertise and your investments in 2D design data. Realize the benefits of 3D design while continuing to rely on the 2D designs and expertise you have built up over time.В If you prefer, maintain your current 2D productivity by using AutoCAD LT. Inventor LT also offers DWGв„ў interoperability, so you can work with existing 2D designs in a 3D environment.
Inventor LT and AutoCAD LT together (suite only) Inventor LT Suite delivers the 3D mechanical CAD tools of Inventor LT and the 2D drafting of AutoCAD LT in a single, cost-effective suite.В Add the power of 3D to your 2D workflow and take advantage ofВ Digital Prototyping. Compete more effectively today while putting your organization on a scalable path to employ the full power of Inventor and Digital Prototyping.

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