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Autodesk Inventor Professional 2019

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USD 379.95
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3D CAD software for product development

InventorВ® 3D CAD software offers professional-grade 3D mechanical design, documentation, and product simulation tools.

What's new

Hole command Get a streamlined, personalized workflow with fewer clicks, increasing speed and productivity.
iLogic enhancements New iLogic assembly functions make it easier for your engineering team to configure customizable products.
Shared view collaboration Collaborate on your models or designs online. Anyone can review and comment on shared views in the Autodesk viewer.
Performance improvements Do more in less time with performance improvements in part modeling, assembly work, and drawing documentation.
Sheet metal for manufacturing Prepare designs for manufacturing with additional corner relief options that are more suitable for laser-cut parts.
Model-based definition enhancements Enable face status coloring for visual feedback as you fully constrain your model. Get improved 3D annotation callouts for hole quantity.
Improved part modeling workflows With 3D part modeling and sketching enhancements, save time by creating an inverted fillet instead of an extrude or sweep feature.
Assembly improvements Explore customer-requested improvements to assemblies for constraints, tube and pipe, and frame generator.

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