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Autodesk Revit Architecture 2016

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RevitВ® software for BIM helps architects and designers develop higher-quality, more accurate architectural designs. View architecture-specific features to see how you can capture and analyze concepts, and maintain your vision through design, documentation, and construction.


Revision enhancements Improved documentation control.
Navigation during redraw Pan, zoom, and orbit more quickly.
Automatically linked views in PDF exports Navigate PDFs with linked views and sheets.
Reveal Constraints mode See dimension and alignment constraints in a view.
Dynamo graphical programming interface Work in a visual programming environment.
Work in perspective views Adjust views with edit, target, and toggle tools.
Improved IFC file usability Open standards further integrated into Revit.
Parametric components Graphical system for design and form-making.
Bidirectional associativity Changes made anywhere update everywhere in the model.
Worksharing Multiple contributors use a model and save work centrally.
Revit Server Collaborate on shared models across a WAN.
Revit interoperability Work with data in multiple formats, including IFC.
Interface to external databases Output data to any ODBC-compliant database.
Interference check Scan Revit model for collisions between elements.
Integration with Vault project collaboration software Streamline data management.
Autodesk Exchange add-in applications Extend Revit functionality.
Schedules Create a tabular display of model information.
Conceptual design tools Sketch and create free-form models.
3D Design visualization Explore, validate, and communicate designs.
Seek BIM content catalog Find, preview, and download high-quality design content.

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