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Autodesk Smoke 2016

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Powerful video effects software more accessible than ever

SmokeВ® video effects software brings editing and effects together like never before. With the effects tools you need integrated within a standard, easy-to-use timeline environment, Smoke helps you increase your productivity.

3D Visual Effects Tools

3D tracking Analyze source footage to reproduce original camera movement and realistically composite elements into your shots.
Matchbox Timeline FX Access, build, and apply custom shaders and transitions using the powerful Matchbox GLSL shader creation tool, now available as a Timeline FX.
Sparks compatibility Apply a variety of third-party plug-in effects to your projects—from blurs and distortions, to lighting and transitions.
ConnectFX node-based compositing Change the way you approach editing effects with a powerful node-based compositing environment accessible directly from the timeline.
Powerful compositing in Action Go beyond 2D layer-based effects with Action, a true 3D compositing environment within the video editing timeline.
3D text and geometry Import 3D geometry and create dynamic 3D titles with bevels, textures, and per-character animation controls.
3D workflow with Maya With support for the FBX asset exchange and Alembic open interchange formats, Smoke can integrate true 3D geometry directly into composites.

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