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buy Autodesk TruNest Contour 2018

Autodesk TruNest Contour 2018

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Automated nesting solutions

TruNest nesting software helps translate, optimize, and manufacture the nest on all standard machines. Work with composites, wood, plastics, glass, sheet metal, cloth, and leather.

Optimize nesting, cutting, and fabrication with TruNest 2018 software. Learn about the user-friendly features in TruNest Contour, TruNest Multi-Tool, and TruNest Composites.


Customizable user interface Create user groups by role or access level for greater security and fewer chances of mistakes.
Concurrent access Multiple people can connect simultaneously to applications from different client computers.
Menu tree and ribbon control Customize your dashboard, tree, and ribbon menus to quickly access favorite functions and frequently used tools.
Viewport controls Inspect part data after translation. Use the same viewport to review, inspect, and measure nested results.
Facility filtering Work with data filtered by a specific facility, machine, or both.
Automatic data syncs Automatic data syncing and updates better support concurrent access of applications by multiple users.
Server monitoring Server monitoring and data synching are now in real time, between the master and client databases.
Server data syncs Better data syncs between server and clients mean that people using enterprise solutions will now experience significantly improved response times.
Translate part data from many sources TruNest uses the SmarTran universal translator, which ensures that all part geometries are suitable for nesting.
Automatic part assembly Interpret metadata in the original CAD file including part name, assembly name, and material designation.
Reverse engineer legacy data TruNest translates CAD formats and converts NC (numerical control) code from legacy programs into usable CAD data.
Product data management integration Manually select parts for translation or pull them automatically from a PDM system such as Vault software.
Order entry and scheduling Add parts or assemblies to an active order until nesting time, and increase nesting efficiency
ERP/MRP system integration Integrates with ERP and MRP systems to automatically schedule new orders and nest them, based on workload.
Barcode input and output TruNest supports QR code scanning, and lets you generate barcodes for tracking purposes.
PNG file support Generate PNG files to quickly visualize nests and parts or to use in custom reports.
Etching and labeling Use pen markers, sticky labels, or etched part information for labeling directly on each part.
Automatic common line cutting TruNest automatically recognizes the common line between parts, and removes unnecessary cutting motions.
Head-down logic for pierce reduction TruNest optimizes the starting cut positions, so you use the minimum number of pierces on each nest.
Skeleton cutting/auto destruct cycle Use skeleton cutting and auto destruct to increase machine safety, easily unload parts, and more.
Optimized saw/waterjet cutting logic TruNest supports automatic tooling and cut sequence generation for saw/waterjet combination machines.
Linear nesting TruNest now supports linear nesting of bar stock, extrusions, and rods
Automatic tabbing Automatically hold each part in place during cutting, using small pieces of materials called tabs.
Multiple machine setup TruNest selects the best machine for the job, based on cutting time and current machine workload.
Additional postprocessors There are several new postprocessors to support additional machine types.
Combination machining Explore enhanced features for plasma, punch, combination plasma/oxy, and combined punch/laser cutters.

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