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Avanquest PowerDesk Pro 7

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PowerDeskВ® Pro 7 is a simple, fast and fun way to organize and manage files, digital photos, MP3 music files and web images on your PC. It's convenient and it saves time! In just one, two or three clicks, you can customize your PC: move, copy, zip, label, color code, search, view, prioritize, convert, and use your files the way you want to use them.


FTP You access PowerDesk FTP in an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface that lets you view FTP sites as though they were ordinary folders. Once you have set up your favorite FTP sites, connecting with them is one click away.
Sync Manager Compare and synchronize the contents of two folders. This is especially useful for those who work on files that are shared between two computers, but it is also useful for backing up files, and many other uses.
Size Manager A powerful utility that shows you where and how the space on each of your drives is being used. Using Size Manager makes it easy to efficiently manage storage space on your drives.
Dialog Helper Enhances Open dialog boxes and Save dialog boxes by adding a list selections for previously opened files and previously opened folders. It also provides a file viewer pane that supports over 150 file formats. Dialog helper further allows the resizing of these dialogs that are often fixed in size.
Archive Manager users can easily compress and expand files from over 30 popular compression formats. PowerDesk also allows users to see within many archives to see the entire list of files and selectively view the contents or extract selected files with a simple drag and drop operation.
File Finder Forget where you saved that important file? No problem. With PowerDeskВ® Pro 7, you can quickly locate files through searches by almost any criteria with its powerful "search engine" type tool. Search by keyword, file type, size, or date range and see the "hits" displayed in a single-line reference. You can also search inside Zip files and archives, too!

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