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BeLight Software Image Tricks Pro 3

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Image Tricks Pro — Extend Your Photo Editing Capabilities

Image Tricks Pro includes a larger editing toolkit for enhancing your photos than Image Tricks Lite. It comprises a larger number of filters, Quartz Compositions, masks, photo frames, and even random image generators.


Easily Apply Effects to Photos Image Tricks sports over 110 Core Image filters and 35 Quartz Compositions to modify your pictures. Colorize, distort, tile, and adjust levels. Most of the filters and compositions have easy-to-use, customizable parameters to help you get results that impress.
Beautiful Picture Frames We're used to frames hanging around the house, but sometimes you just want to frame a picture on your hard drive and email it to friends and family. Use over 20 customizable photo frames, some of which are even paintable, allowing you to choose the color.
Random Images for Backgrounds Need an engaging, abstract background for a design project? Image Tricks contains 13 unique image generators that produce colorful images on the fly. Just select one, play with the parameters, and enjoy the beautiful results!

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