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Design and Print Labels and Envelopes on Your Mac

Labels & Addresses is a DIY productivity tool that helps with mass mailings by printing labels, envelopes, and barcodes for personal and commercial use. Quickly and easily print envelopes, greeting cards, mailing labels, price tags, and labels for things around the house or office.

The merge printing capabilities make sending out mass mailings effortless. Print out labels for all contacts in a mailing list by importing addresses from Apple Contacts, Microsoft Outlook, Numbers (iWork '09) and Excel files, and many other sources.

Addressing Envelopes and Mailing Labels

Batch Print Labels for Multiple Contacts Envelopes and mailing labels can easily be created and printed using contact information stored in Apple Contacts, Microsoft Outlook, Numbers, Microsoft Excel*, Now Contact, FileMaker, vCards, or tab-delimited text files. Then save those contacts to the internal address book to create and reuse mailing lists.
All-in-One Mailing Tool Labels & Addresses prints Intelligent Mail, USPS, POSTNET, Canada Post, and Royal Mail barcodes on labels and envelopes to ensure fast and accurate delivery. With formatting for over 50 countries, over 15 address templates (corporate, personal, and others), and automatic address recognition, Labels & Addresses is your one-stop, international mailing solution.
Label Paper Support and Label Printers Print all of your labels on popular label stock from Avery, APLI, A-One, and many other U.S., European, and Asian manufacturers. Labels & Addresses also prints directly to popular label printers such as DYMO LabelWriter, Seiko SLP, Brother QL, and others.
Industry-Standard Barcodes Small business owners can speedily create price tags with industry-standard Code 39, Code 128, EAN-8/13, UPC-A/E, ISBN, and Data Matrix barcodes. Barcode data, such as prices or product codes, can seamlessly be read from a text file. Then price your entire inventory in one batch of labels.

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