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All-Purpose Desktop Publishing App for Mac

Printworks is a super intuitive, all-purpose page layout and desktop publishing app for Mac. It doesn’t matter what kind of document you need to layout and print. From brochures and calendars to CD labels and beautiful, professional business cards, Printworks covers it all.

Just choose and customize one of 480+ templates or design a document from scratch with extensive desktop publishing and design tools! Resulting design can be printed on your home printer or sent to a print shop.

All You Need for Desktop Publishing

Document Diversity This app is loaded. With over 480 templates for flyers, brochures, discs, business cards, labels, calendars, and more. Printworks handles all kinds of page layout and desktop publishing documents, with elegance. Each type of document comes with specific features unique to that project type. Such as iTunes track import for discs, mail merge for labels and envelopes, and Apple Contacts integration for business cards. The app has been tailored to cater to all of your design needs while keeping the workflow seamless and comfortable.
A Full Design Arsenal Printworks has all of the design tools you would expect from good desktop publishing software. And much more. It’s not just shape tools, shadows, strokes, and gradients. It’s a built-in photo editor that contains over 80 image filters. With the spline drawing tool you will easily draw out anything you need, whether you can draw by hand or not. Or use one of 2,000 high-quality clipart images to help build the design from scratch. Not enough? Get over 40,000 clipart images and 100 fonts with the Extras Pack.
Desktop Publishing Tools Typography is what Printworks does best. From flowing text boxes to a custom heading tool that lets you create artsy titles for your projects. Easily create a set of text styles that can be applied to text boxes with just one click of the mouse. No need to edit every piece of text by hand. There are also a few tools for circular text and vertical text for discs and jewel case inserts.
Printing and Export Print your desktop publishing documents right at home. The app supports hundreds of label and paper layouts from Avery, Memorex, and Neato for disc, label, or business card projects. Or export them to an image format (PDF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF and EPS) and send them over to your local print shop.

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