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Browse, sort and search your book collection in various layouts and views

Book Collector's main screen is highly customizable, so that you can make it look the way you want. Choose between:

Multiple layouts for the main screen folder, list and details panels.List, Images or Card View for your book lists.Different templates for the book details panel.


Easily add books to your database, by Author and Title or by ISBN Adding new books to your personal book database is quick and easy:

1. Just search our online books database by author and title or by ISBN.
2. Select the book that you own.
3. Click the Add button.

Our Core online book database will then automatically provide:

The main book details like author, title, publisher, publication date, etc..Other information like number of pages, genres and subjects, dimensions, etc..Front cover images, author images, author wiki-page links.
Organize your e-book files by scanning your folders Book Collector can also catalog your e-book files. Just let it scan your computer for e-book files, then link the files to the book entries in your database. After that, the e-books can be opened right from your book details panel.
Other features and tools Efficiently edit your data using field defaults, batch editing, direct editing in main screen list, etc..Add missing cover images by searching the internet with the built-in Find Image Online tool.Customize your database by renaming existing fields, or by creating your own User Defined Fields.Manage your loans with the integrated Loan Manager system.Export your book database to Text or XML files.Print book lists in any order, with your configurable columns.

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