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CA Erwin Process Modeler r7.3

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What is CA ERwinВ® Process Modeler?
It is a powerful modeling tool that can help you visualize, analyze and improve complex business processes. A process model enables you to clearly document important aspects of any business process, such as which activities are needed, how they are performed and controlled, what resources are required, and what outcomes or outputs are produced.

What data management challenges does it meet?
Many companies have found that creating a detailed blueprint of their business processes and requirements from multiple viewpoints helps them to effectively target, execute and communicate change that will result in measurable value to the business to combat the emergence and rapid evolution of new business models and regulatory requirements.

What features does it offer?
CA ERwin Process Modeler provides support for diverse modeling techniques such as Functional Decomposition(IDEF0), Workflow(IDEF3) and Dataflow Modeling (Gane and Sarsons DFD), activity based costing analysis and organizational modeling.


Diverse Process Modeling Techniques and Notations Provides integrated reuse and coordination for business process (IDEF0), workflow (IDEF3) and data flow diagram (DFD) modeling techniques.
Swim Lane Diagrams Include an efficient mechanism for visualizing and optimizing complex processes, organizing processes across functional boundaries and enabling you to simultaneously view processes, roles and responsibilities.
Organizational Charts Simplify how business processes are defined and implemented and support the explicit definition of roles, which classify and categorize tasks or jobs within a business process.
Cost and Performance Metric Analysis Supports activity-based costing (ABC) and is optimized for process analysis. Comprehensive reporting and a bidirectional interface with dedicated ABC tools make it easier for companies to implement an activity-based management strategy.
Simulation Interface Allows you to dynamically explore the effect of change by testing different scenarios before implementation to ensure an optimal solution. You can also export your CA ERwin Process Modeler workflow models to Arena, a robust simulation environment, for real-time analysis.
Process/Data Integration with CA ERwin Data Modeler Helps to solve enterprise architecture analysis problems. The built-in data usage functions and metadata support in CA ERwin Process Modeler provide detailed, "where used" mapping of data to process.

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