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Carbon Copy Cloner 4

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When your hard drive fails, will you be ready?


Intuitive A completely redesigned interface that puts all of the most-used features at your fingertips.
More efficient The disk center, scheduled tasks, and the cloning console are integrated into a single window.
Simple Mode New simple interface mode allows you to clear the visual clutter and clone in three clicks. Source > Destination > Clone.
Task Chaining Tasks can be chained together to form more complex backup routines.
Edit scheduled tasks Yes, finally, you can edit your scheduled tasks.
Task Migration A task migration assistant will help you migrate your CCC 3.5 tasks to CCC 4.0.
Email Notifications Configure your email account settings once and use across multiple tasks. There are also new ways to customize CCC's email notifications.
Task Scheduling Run tasks hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you connect to your backup drive. Tasks can also be limited to running only on weekday or weekends. By default, tasks will not start if a laptop is running on battery power, and the task will start as soon as AC power is restored.
Administrators only need to authenticate once. Ever. Authentication is no longer required every time you want to run a task. CCC will require authentication once for an administrative user, and then that user will have one-click access to starting, stopping, and configuring tasks. Non-admin users will be required to authenticate with admin credentials to start, stop, or modify backup tasks.

Administrators only need to authenticate once. Ever.
Task History Quickly view when your tasks have run and if they were successful. Restrict the list by task name, source volume, destination volume, or run date. Receive details information and advice on tasks that resulted in errors.
Disk Center Quickly learn more about your volumes or create a Recovery HD, all while easily seeing all tasks that involve the selected disk, as well as the last time each task ran.
Customize your backups All of your favorite advanced features can still be accessed through the advanced settings mode.
SafetyNet Create a bootable clone of your hard drive, but also keep copies of your recently deleted and changed files — just in case.
Menu Bar App Keep tabs on currently running backup tasks, create a new task, or run a scheduled task.

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