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Transform Your Visual Storytelling

Cinemagraph Pro enables creators to redefine their visual storytelling across photography, social media and digital advertising using cinemagraphs. With advanced features and a simplified process, Cinemagraph Pro makes cinemagraph creation fun, fast and easy.


Start With High Quality Video Cinemagraphs created in Cinemagraph Pro for macOS are based in video. The video quality that you import, is the video quality that you export. Shoot, edit and export cinemagraphs created with high quality footage, including 4K video, to tell the most vivid stories possible.
Cinemagraph Creation Simplified Cinemagraph Pro for macOS is a time-saving tool that brings the entire cinemagraph creation process into one place. Import your video, trim your clip, select your still image and paint over the still image to reveal the motion. Simple, and fast.
Express Yourself with Colour Adjustments Define the look of your cinemagraph with advanced tone curve colour adjustments. Use colour correcting, highlights, shadows, temperature and other controls to make your cinemagraph truly your own.
Style Your Cinemagraphs with Presets Use one of the many presets available in-app to quickly style your cinemagraphs. Or, create your own presets that you can apply to any cinemagraph so that you can make your mark, and save time.
Find the Perfect Fit Cinemagraphs are shared across the web, social media, digital advertising, television, digital displays and more. Use the crop, rotate, flip or straighten tools to create cinemagraphs of all shapes and sizes so that they display perfectly everywhere.
Easy to Create. Easy to Share. Export your beautiful cinemagraphs into an MP4 format to instantly share your cinemagraph on social media, in digital advertising and more. Upload your work to your Flixel gallery, from where you can easily embed your cinemagraphs on websites and blogs.

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