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CorelCAD 2015

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Industry-standard CAD tools and features

Get powerful and affordable CAD software with industry-standard features and 2D drafting and 3D design tools. Improve your design productivity and performance with the new drawing constraints functionality, In-Place text editing, and interactive layout and editing tools. Work in a familiar environment with the enhanced and customizable ribbon UI and other popular CAD features. Open, edit and share files in .DWG format for easy collaboration with colleagues and suppliers. Enjoy the benefits of CorelDRAWВ® graphics support and automation capabilities that deliver impressive speed and performance on both a PC and Mac platform.


Windows ribbon UI
Drawing constraints
Pop-up dimension palette
2D editing tools
Dynamic blocks
In-place text editing
Editing for tables
Migration Assistance
Native .DWG files
Industry-standard CAD features
Legacy file format support
Entity snaps and grips
Properties docker and Property Painter
Custom coordinates
Design Resources
Layer tools
CAD file standards verification
Smart Dimension tools
Annotation and collaboration
PDF Underlay functionality
DGN Underlay functionality
3D viewing capabilities
3D modeling and solid editing tools
Transition from 2D to 3D
3D mouse support
Print 3D designs
CorelDRAW file import
CorelDRAW and Corel DESIGNER export
Easy file sharing
Work with GIS files
Exchange 3D files with colleagues and suppliers
Find application and drawing settings quickly
Print configurations
Pack & Go command
Interface customization
Built for speed on Windows and Mac OS
Automation support
Add-ons and plug-ins

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