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CorelCAD 2016.5

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CAD software for 2D drawing, 3D design and 3D printing

Make the best choice in computer-aided design software with an affordable powerhouse that delivers an intuitive UI, industry standard and customizable tools in an interactive environment. CorelCADв„ў 2016 delivers the sophistication and precision you need to exceed the CAD results you expect in 2D drafting and 3D design. Work in a familiar environment as CorelCAD 2016 uses .DWG file format natively, offering compatibility with all major CAD programs. The desktop CAD software is optimized for Windows and Mac OS. Additionally, CorelCAD 2016 provides flexible options, such as add-ons and plugins, for both new users and existing customers to match any workflow.


Native .DWG files Industry-standard CAD featuresIndustry-standard CAD features
Industry-standard CAD featuresIndustry-standard CAD features CorelCAD is compatible with all major CAD programs, so experienced users will feel comfortable with the familiar command bar, command aliases, and menu and toolbar items.
3D modeling and solid editing tools Add 3D solid primitives to your design and use Boolean operations to unite, intersect and subtract bodies. Use advanced editing tools like Filleting Edges of 3D Solids, and coloring, moving, rotating and offsetting individual faces of 3D solids.
Patterns along paths Utilize the new Pattern commands to create copies of specified objects along a path. The established path can be in various shapes, such as a line, polyline, arc, circle, ellipse, or spline, plus the alignment options will control the pattern’s final appearance.
Centerline construction Establish exacting centerlines between pairs of lines, arcs, and polyline segments and even set the extension for centerlines to exceed the shapes that define the contour. Best of all, the specific LineStyle for centerlines is assigned automatically.
Trimming options Cut quickly with confidence using the handy Trim and PowerTrim tools to precisely edit hatches and solid, single-color or multicolor-gradient fills. Once the divisions are made, the resulting hatch and color fills will maintain their association to subsequent boundary objects and remain as one object.
Object snaps and EntityGrips Use CorelCAD smart tools, such as object snaps, grips and polar guides, to quickly reposition, align, copy or resize objects. Save valuable design time with a faster on-screen editing tool. Simply use the contextual shortcut menus to instantly edit the geometry of objects in place when you hover over any EntityGrip.
Print dialog Enjoy enriched functionality with a redesigned print dialog box that improves the user experience. The print preview now updates dynamically when you change any of the print settings, and it shows an optimized preview of the image before you print.
Auto-Completion for commands Streamline your workflow with a UI that allows you to apply an auto-completion function for command and variable names as you type them. In addition, it can display a list of suggested command and variable names that will contain your typed substring.
SplitDimension Divide lines wherever needed with the ability to split dimension and extension lines of dimension objects where they cross other shapes. Conversely, you can also rejoin dimension and extension lines that were previously split.
Object moves Use the ChangeSpace command to move objects, such as a title block or part list, from your Model workspace to a Layout sheet or vice versa. During the command process, the selected objects will be scaled within the new workspace to maintain its visual appearance.
EditXBlockAttribute Modify the BlockAttribute values and properties of your inserted Blocks within any drawing to display relevant information about a particular piece or component as text, such as a quantity, weight or other characteristic. With this new functionality, you can also format the attribute text so it will be visibly different and separate from other attributes in the drawing.
Quick Input Establish a command interface in your project using the cursor in the drawing area. It’s an efficient and time-saving feature that brings commands directly to the cursor so when you move it, the tooltips track and enable input of coordinate positions, lengths, angles, lines and more – when and where you need it.
Layer tools Work in a consistent manner with Layer Preview and Layer transparency features to align project elements, including drawing components from the recent versions of AutoCAD .DWG files.
Layer States Manager Keep the layers in perfect order by using the Layer States dialog. Save in a LayerState to manage the appearance of design components with named layer states, turn them on and off, and switch between displays. It will save, restore and manage configurations of layer properties and states, and can be shared across projects.
PolyLine editing Take advantage of the many new formatting possibilities with the PolyLine commands. Now, you can taper the width of the PolyLine from the starting point to the ending point, reverse the direction of the PolyLine, add a vertex to the midpoint, or convert a PolyLine to an arc or a line.
Drawing constraints Add the precision you need by applying dimensional constraints to ensure your 2D designs meet your exact proportion, angle and size requirements by forcing a geometric shape to perform in a specified way. In addition, you can use geometric constraints to control dependencies and relationships between your objects.
Best performance Gain the computer-aided design strength you need from a new version that has been optimized for the latest operating systems including Windows 10 and macOS Sierra (10.12) and features intuitive updates to the user interface.
Windows ribbon UI Increase productivity with the customizable ribbon UI* workspaces and use the contextual ribbon options to select and implement the various design tools you need, such as tables, in-place text editing and more.
Drawing Tabs Stay organized in CorelCAD on Windows with the ability to instantly switch between several documents that are open and active at the same time. Use the DrawingTabs command to show drawing tabs at the top of your drawing window. It’s an efficient feature that allows you to open, edit, close and save multiple drawing windows.
In-place text editing Create or modify existing text with the ability to quickly stack text and paste formatted text from Microsoft Word within your project. It’s ideal for controlling the font, appearance and location of text blocks.
Annotative Scaling Keep your important text readable and separate from your drawing and viewport scale functions. As you move around within your design workspace, you now have the ability to view legible text at all times including printouts regardless of how small or large your design elements become.
Head-up Display Use the Head-up toolbar to select various entities and then zoom in on the selected entities to make required changes. With the ability to edit your entities in one place, you can set the line style and line width, change layers, create dimension entities or make a Block.
Dynamic blocks Save valuable drawing time by inserting dynamic blocks from AutoCAD and then accessing the block settings and attributes for your own .DWG files in CorelCAD.
Table support Insert, delete, merge or resize cells, rows and columns within existing tables. It’s the fastest way to include important text or instructions into any drawing while maintaining the linear flow.
Custom coordinate systems Make it easier to draw and align locations with the ability to create custom coordinate systems to align the construction plane to drawing objects.
Design Resources With the comprehensive Design Resources, users can instantly find, access and manage design components like blocks, styles, drawings and images, for use within and across a variety of CAD projects.
CAD file standards verification CorelCAD 2017 can verify a CAD drawing against drawing standards such as those stored in .DWS files. This verification will detect and repair industry-standard violations to ensure compliant CAD drawings.
Smart Dimension tools Use dimension tools for accurate measurements, plus the Smart Dimension tool will suggest the most appropriate and precise dimension type automatically. Benefit from the pop-up dimension palette that quickly reveals dimension controls for faster navigation and easier control of frequently used settings.
Dimension Offset Distances Use this time-saving tool to align the dimension lines with consistent distances from surrounding shapes. With the dimension location snap, you can place dimension lines at specified distances from measured linear shapes and between successive dimension lines, saving time and effort to achieve perfectly aligned technical drawings.
Annotation and collaboration Use the unique VoiceNotes tool to add recorded messages, reminders or instructions directly in your drawing. Mark up drawing items with freehand sketches. Mask portions of a drawing to exempt them from annotations.
PDF and DGN Underlay functionality Attach one or more pages of a PDF document or DGN files originated from MicroStation or other CAD software to your drawing as an Underlay. Control the layer visibility and clipping (masking areas) of the PDF and DGN Underlays.
3D viewing capabilities View 3D models from multiple viewpoints or roll them in 3D space interactively. Use Tiled Viewports to split a drawing into multiple view tiles and set them to display your 3D model in different views.
Transition from 2D to 3D Create your 2D design in CorelCAD or create 2D sketches in CorelDRAW. Import the sketch into CorelCAD* and transform the 2D sketch to 3D. Extrude, revolve or sweep 2D entities along a path to progress from 2D drafting into 3D modeling.
3D mouse support Navigate in 3D with support for 3Dconnexion input devices*. Rotate 2D and 3D drawings by moving the cap of the 3D mouse. Assign preferred navigation settings or custom commands to buttons of the 3D mouse.
Print 3D designs Export multiple 3D solid objects to .STL (Stereolithography), the most commonly used file format for 3D prints. Print 3D prototypes using .STL support for direct connection to 3D printers or output to 3rd party 3D printing services.
CorelDRAW file import Easily import CorelDRAW (.CDR) and Corel DESIGNER (.DES) files into CorelCAD* as model space objects with a representation in a layout sheet. A direct way to import drafts from CorelDRAW for advanced 2D and 3D modeling in CorelCAD, you can work with multi-page .CDR/.DES files.
CorelDRAW and Corel DESIGNER export Export to .CDR and .DES* to easily re-purpose your work in CorelDRAW for presentations and marketing-related deliverables, or in Corel DESIGNER for technical documentation.
Migration assistance Transfer custom settings such as profiles, preferences, file locations, and UI customizations from a previous release of the software to the new release. A dialog box opens automatically when you start CorelCAD 2017 the first time after installation.
Legacy file format support Save drawings back to R12 .DWG or .DXF format to work with them on legacy hardware devices or using older software, and recover damaged .DWG and .DXF files in all format versions.
Easy file sharing Collaborate and share more easily with colleagues and clients with support for leading formats, including .PDF, .SVG, .EPS and .DWF.
Work with GIS files Visualize maps and geographic models created by geographic information systems (GIS) applications with support for ESRI Shape files (.SHP).
Exchange 3D files with colleagues and suppliers Open and work with 3D models with support for the ACIS model file format (.SAT) that you can share with co-workers and 3D manufacturers.
Print configurations Store all your advanced print settings, including paper size, scale, orientation, color to line width assignments and many more, in named configurations to use them across CAD files and projects.
Pack & Go command Create a ZIP archive or folder containing the current drawing and its dependent files, such as References, images, PDF files, font and mapping files, and PrintStyle and Print Configuration files.
Built for speed on Windows and Mac CorelCAD offers a powerful 32-bit and 64-bit application for Windows, 64-bit application for Mac OS. Now, you can work more quickly and efficiently on your desktop and laptop.
Automation support With support for Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA)* and LISP, you can load or create your own functions, routines and plug-ins in the CorelCAD automation interface.
Plugins Add more power to your CAD software with the optional plugins, such as the extensive CAD tools provided in the CorelCAD Marketplace, that provide additional drafting software and rendering capabilities, parts libraries and design features that can all enhance your workflow productivity.

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