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buy CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7

CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7

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Expert design and technical communication

CorelDRAWВ® Technical Suite X7 provides a complete solution for technical communication professionals, featuring dedicated illustration tools, leading file compatibility, and publishing capabilities for print, online and mobile. Create projects quickly by accessing and repurposing technical designs assets from various locations and sources, including 3D designs and the optional add-on for 3D CAD assembly formats*. Exchange files with colleagues and clients with export capabilities to a broad range of over 100 file formats, including WebCGM, .SVG, .DWG, 3D PDF, .EPS and TIFF.


Projected drawing modes
Advanced dimension tools
3D PDF publishing
3D import and visualization tools
Insert 3D models into technical illustrations
Translation Memory System (TMS) support
Automated 3D CAD to illustration update capability
3D CAD repurposing capabilities
Easy access to design assets
Redesigned customizable user interface
Precise illustration tools
Precision layout and drawing tools
Parallel line drawing tool
Streamlined callout creation
Hotspot capabilities
Total control over fills and transparency
Drawing scale control
Object Styles
Control over Object Styles and symbols
Equation Editor
QR Code generator
Easy color harmony editing
Easy font preview and advanced character tools
Technical publication standards support
Compatibility with latest file formats
CorelDRAW X7
Easy, professional website design
64-bit support and Windows 8/8.1 compatibility
Advanced automation capabilities

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