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buy Corel Designer Technical Suite X5

Corel Designer Technical Suite X5

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Create illustrations, diagrams and technical documentation with confidence with Corel DESIGNERВ® Technical Suite X5, the complete solution for visual technical communications. With industry-leading file compatibility, 3D re-purposing, precise drawing tools and intuitive features, it supports your entire workflow. Publish technical documentation online or in print thanks to support for WebCGM, S1000D and other standards.


3D visualization options Open, work with and re-purpose 3D models, such as AutoCADВ® DWGв„ў and DXFв„ў, 3DS and GoogleВ® SketchUpв„ў with Right HemisphereВ® Deep Explorationв„ў 6 CSE.
Task-oriented workspaces Work more efficiently with dedicated workspaces for Technical Illustration, Authoring Training material and Sales and Marketing collateral creation.
3D CAD visualization add-on (optional) Open and work with the latest 3D CAD file formats, including CATIA V5R19, Pro/EngineerВ® WildfireВ® 5, SolidWorksВ® 2010, InventorВ® 2010, NX7, JT v.9.3 and others without a costly CAD license. Find out more about this add-on tool
File format compatibility Confidently exchange files with colleagues and clients thanks to support for more than 100 file formats, including AutoCAD DWGв„ў and DXFв„ў, MicrosoftВ® VisioВ® (VSD), SVG, DOCX, XLS, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and more.
Adobe product support Import and export AI, PSD and PDF files with support for IllustratorВ® CS5, PhotoshopВ® CS5 and AcrobatВ®.
CorelВ® CONNECTв„ў Easily find information assets on your computer, network or external storage device or online sources with this full-screen browser (also available as a docker within Corel DESIGNERВ®, CorelDRAWВ® and CorelВ® PHOTO-PAINTв„ў).
CorelВ® PowerTRACEВ® X5 Quickly convert scanned bitmaps, such as circuit design blueprints, schematics, hand-drawn illustrations and more, into editable vector graphics with smoother curves and more accurate results.
MicrosoftВ® Visual StudioВ® Tools for Applications Streamline your workflow by creating macros and add-ins. Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications is also included to let you perform simple customization tasks. Plus, easily create connections to Content Management Systems (CMS), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Product Data Management (PDM) Systems.

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