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Corel PaintShop Pro X5

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Powerful photo editingIncredible instant effectsREALLUSIONВ® FaceFilter Studio 2.0 portrait enhancement toolsNIKВ® Color Efex Proв„ў 3.0 filtersCreative collection of royalty-free images, brushes and textures
Explore the ultimate in creativity. CorelВ® PaintShopВ® Pro X5 Ultimate combines the photo-editing power of PaintShopВ® Pro X5 with award-winning NikВ® Color Efex Proв„ў 3.0 photographic filters, REALLUSION FaceFilter Studio 2.0 portrait-enhancement tools, and a collection of creative extras. Experiment with a creative collection of new brushes, textures and over 100 royalty-free backgrounds. With so many photo-editing, design and creative tools and features at your fingertips, you'll be inspired to create, edit, enhance and share unforgettable photos and designs.

Photo Editing

High Dynamic Range (HDR) tools Create intense visual contrast and stunning Black & White photos
Instant Effects palette Choose from a variety of preset effects and styles or create and save your own
Single RAW Photo Split a RAW photo intro three exposures and selectively recombine them for stunning results
Graduate Filter effect Apply semi-transparent color gradients to your photos to simulate different camera lens filters
Retro Lab Add old-school color and contrast to achieve a distinctive look

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