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Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X6

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Step up to the Ultimate version of CorelВ® VideoStudioВ® and explore even more creative possibilities. Captivate your audience with professional video-editing software, Ultra HD (4K) capabilities and new Motion Tracking technology. Share your videos with built-in production for the web, DVD, Blu-Ray Discв„ў and mobile devices. With Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X6, you get everything that's included in the Pro version, plus a valuable high-end visual effects package from proDAD, Boris FX and NewBlue.

Everything in Pro, PLUS a PREMIUM SPECIAL EFFECTS PACK!Fast and easy video editingUltra High-Definition (4K) qualityNew Motion TrackingComplete production for web, disc & mobile

Premium Special Effects Pack

proDAD Handscript Animation
NewBlue FX Colorfast
Boris Graffiti 6
proDAD Mercalli SE
proDAD RotoPen
proDAD Vitascene LE
NewBlue Video Essentials

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