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Corel Website Creator X6

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Powerful website design software

Easily create websites and design web pages with Corel® Website Creator™ X6. Its drag-and-drop functionality and seamless integration with XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML combine to make website creation easier. Simply drag and place text, graphics and multimedia elements onto your web pages—no coding knowledge required! Use the Timeline Editor to create and manage stunning visual effects. Soon you'll create web pages and build stunning websites like a pro!

Code-free website creationDozens of templates and SiteStylesВ®Drag-and-drop design toolsSupport for the latest web technologies


Site Safe Website Creator X6 Site Safe technology protects your design assets by automatically creating a backup template of your website files. Backup templates may be stored on an external drive, network drive or published to a directory at your web host.
Cloud Burst Get new SiteStyles delivered directly to the Online View with Cloud Burst, the online delivery system. Then install these website templates, photos, images and tutorials for immediate use with just a click.
Interactive websites With a collection of Asynchronous JavaScriptВ® and XML (AJAX) widgets, Website Creator X6 makes it easy to design websites that feature dynamic user interactivity. Instantly add customizable page elements, such as accordions, tabbed panels and toggle panes, to give visitors to your website a better experience.
Integrated web development Create a professional-looking website thanks to support for a wide range of web development technologies, including RSS feeds, CSS, XHTML, PHP, ASP.NET, ColdFusionВ®, and JSP. Take advantage of a WYSIWYG design environment that offers the simplicity of wizards along with advanced HTML object and CSS inspectors.
Drag-and-drop web design Place images, text or other page elements exactly where you want them with drag-and-drop design capability.
Timeline Editor Use the Timeline Editor to give life to static website content, such as text, photos, graphics and video. You can easily create sophisticated animations using the familiar drag-and-drop editing environment.
Site Wizard Create a modern website with high-impact visual appeal in three easy steps. Website Creator X6 features dozens of new SiteStyles, templates with modern page layouts and mobile website templates optimized for view on AppleВ® iPhone, iPadВ® and Android mobile devices.
Web design templates and SiteStyles Choose from a variety of web design templates and SiteStyles for quick, attractive website creation.
Drag-and-drop simplicity Drag and place any text, image or page element exactly where you want it. Add FlashВ® videos, QuickTimeВ® movies and JavaScriptв„ў effects with a few simple clicks.
Graphics editor Crop, color correct and resize images with ease.
Easy navigation management Quickly navigate your site without leaving Page View using the Site Navigation palette. When you add, delete or rearrange pages, all the navigation and page links are updated automatically.
Built-in security and enhancements Get password protection, PHP and ASP languages, interactive forms, guestbooks, RSS feeds and more, without custom programming or scripting. The Components Manager helps you quickly locate all the elements you need for interactive website creation!
AJAX support Build AJAX-powered websites with tabs, toggle panes and wizards for a highly interactive website experience.

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