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Cyberlink Power2Go 10 Platinum

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Not only the most trusted burning software by leading PC brands, Power2Go 10 stands ahead of the competition with more patented technology and the widest range of disc and mobile formats. With its famously easy-to-use interface coupled with new enhancements that provide better-than-original quality when transferring movies, Power2Go 10 remains the leader in burning, backup and conversion software.

Rip & Burn

Burn CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays and now you can author Blu-ray or AVCHD movies. For even greater convenience, use the Desktop Burning Gadget to easily drag-n-drop your files into the disc of your choice. Rip your CD collection
Rip your CD collection Rip your entire CD collection and share with your friends and family. Power2Go supports MP3, WAV and other common formats, but also popular lossless formats such as APE/FLAC.
Auto resize your video files NEW Issues fitting a video file into a single disc? Smart Fit automatically resizes your video file to the highest quality supported by your disc, and even utilizes free disc space by increasing your bit rate.
Complete audio editing Apply audio adjustments and effects with the easy-to-use Wave Editor. The perfect addition for quick and simple editing for your audio files.
ISO Toolkit Mount a disc image as a virtual drive on your PC for access without an optical drive. Use the ISO Viewer to help organize and browse your ISO disc images.

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