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Cyberlink PowerDirector 8 Ultra

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More powerful and even faster, CyberLink PowerDirector 8 offers more video enhancement and editing tools, designer tools and more timeline tracks to let you create great videos. Spice up your projects too by downloading any of the 1000s of free effects and templates already uploaded to DirectorZone by PowerDirector users.


Upscaling Video Quality PowerDirector enhances your videos and photos dramatically by leveraging TrueTheater Technologies from the world's #1 Blu-ray/DVD playback software, PowerDVD. You'll be amazed how fast and how effective video refining can be.
Upscaling Video Resolution CyberLink TrueTheater HD technology upscales SD videos to HD-like content, sharpening images and removing video noise.
Adding Surround Sound CyberLink TrueTheater Surround lets you add a pro-like touch to your disc authoring process by including virtual surround sound on your discs.
Fixing Colors & Lighting CyberLink TrueTheater Lighting corrects backlighting problems, enhances brightness and colors, and helps compensate for poor lighting.
Smoothing Slo-mo Effects Cyberlink TrueTheater Motion enhances your slow motion sequences, using frame interpolation to reduce jitters and smooth out scenes.
Magical Results in Seconds PowerDirector's magical editing tools provide video and photo enhancements automatically.
Magic Movie Wizard Create complete movies in minutes using PowerDirector's easy step-by-step approach to movie production.
Magic Style 12 popular themes let you automatically edit your movie, add effects, and insert title & credits. Particle effects, alpha-blended PiPs, and slick transitions are inserted according to the selected style.
Magic Music Create movie soundtracks automatically from a built-in library of thematic tunes. Then let Magic Music sync the melodies automatically to the length of your video content.
Magic Cut Edit your clips by removing action-less scenes and keeping the best footage. Sensitivity settings are available for zooming & panning scenes, people speaking, and scenes with moving objects. You can also set duration of scenes.

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