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ESRI ArcGIS for Desktop 10.4

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Professional GIS Authoring There are lots of ways to make a map. But if people use your maps to make decisions that save money, time, or even lives, then you need to put science to work for you. Use ArcGIS for Desktop to build maps with up-to-date data, combined with deep analysis, and share them where they’ll have the most impact.
Create Smart Maps and Useful Apps Visualize and share information in new ways for insightful and informed decision making. Map and manage your data with ArcGIS for Desktop, then create apps and share with others via the rest of the ArcGIS platform. ArcGIS for Desktop includes ArcGIS Online, so you immediately have access to a world of relevant content and ready-to-use apps to get you started right away.
Transform Your Data into Actionable Information Create, edit, analyze and share information in powerful and efficient ways. Turn 2D data into 3D for powerful visualization. Easily import and edit data to get at the information you need. Perform analysis to solve your problems. The value-added information you create with ArcGIS for Desktop will transform how decisions are made and results are realized.
Be a Trusted Source of Relevant Information Build mapping solutions, manage assets, allocate resources, analyze business data, and measure results. ArcGIS for Desktop helps you become the added value that your organization needs to be successful.
You Know It Is Science—Everyone Else Can Call It Secret Sauce You need answers derived from facts, not opinions. Test assumptions, find the facts, be results oriented, and achieve your objectives. Some complex spatial relationships are not obvious and need to be analyzed in multiple ways. The analytical tools in ArcGIS for Desktop are based on proven scientific methodologies and are available at your fingertips.
Get the Answers That Your Organization Is Looking for True organizational intelligence comes from looking at the big picture. ArcGIS for Desktop enables you to understand change, identify trends, make predictions, and rank results.


Conduct Spatial Analysis Hundreds of tools for performing spatial analysis are included in ArcGIS for Desktop. These tools allow you to turn data into actionable information and automate many of your GIS tasks.
Manage Your Data More Efficiently With support for more than 70 data formats, you can easily integrate all types of data for visualization and analysis. An extensive set of geographic, tabular, and metadata management, creation, and organization tools are available.
Explore a World of Content ArcGIS Online is now a part of an ArcGIS for Desktop license. Take advantage of ArcGIS Online to browse the world's most extensive online geographic resource and discover maps and data about thousands of topics. Combine content any way you want and see it on a map.
Automate Advanced Workflows Manipulate data with a minimum number of clicks and automate your editing workflow with powerful editing tools. Advanced editing and coordinate geometry (COGO) tools simplify your data design, input, and cleanup.
Easily Create Maps Produce high-quality maps without the hassles associated with complex design software. With ArcGIS for Desktop you can take advantage of:
A large library of symbolsSimple wizards and predefined map templates
Start Geocoding From simple data analysis to business and customer management, there is a wide range of applications for which geocoding can be used. With geocoded addresses, you can display the address locations and see patterns within the information.
Access Advanced Imagery There are many ways you can work with image data (raster data) in ArcGIS for Desktop. You can use it as a background (basemap) to analyze other data layers, apply different types of specifications to the image dataset, or use it as part of the analysis.
Give Your Clients What They Need Your stakeholders only want to see the information they need to do their job. The sharing and collaboration tools that come with ArcGIS for Desktop help you publish your projects via simple, focused apps.

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