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FileMaker Pro 14

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Create custom solutions for your business

FileMaker Pro is powerful, easy-to-use software used to create custom solutions for your business that run on iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web. Use FileMaker Pro to manage and share information with your team. Build your own solution or use one of the many built-in Starter Solutions to manage contacts, inventory, projects and more.

What's new

Script Workspace Create, edit and view your scripts and calculations all in one streamlined workspace to speed development time.
New Specify Calculation dialog box Increase your productivity with auto-complete and search for calculation functions.
Launch Center Visually organize all your FileMaker solutions. See a list of your most recently opened files. “Favorite” the files you use the most, and drag to organize them the way you want. Choose from 29 attractive, pre-designed icons to represent your solutions. Or add your own personal touch with custom icons. Learn more
Button bar Create groups of buttons you can use for navigation or as custom toolbars.
Button icons Get 140 professionally designed icons that cover a wide variety of tasks to use in your buttons. Or use custom button icons.
Top and bottom navigation parts These new layout parts remain static on your layout so when you scroll, the navigation is always visible.
In-field labels Simplify your layouts by adding placeholder text or instructions inside a field. This text disappears when you type.
Color selection The color palette displays colors that coordinate with your current theme so it’s easy to create attractive layouts.
Object component styles Select the color of icons in control styles such as pop-up menus, drop-down lists, and calendars. Change the color of radio buttons and checkbox sets.
Keychain Save login credentials in Credential Manager in Windows just like you can with Keychain Access in OS X. Plus, control whether or not clients can save information to their credentials or the keychain.
Enhanced Starter Solutions Events and Projects are entirely redesigned with a clean, new look and simplified workflow.
Reconnect to server If you lose your network connection or the server goes down, FileMaker Pro automatically reconnects to FileMaker Server when it’s available again.
Layout badge tooltips See descriptions of layout badges as you hover over them. Plus, see what calculated values are used for conditional formatting of fields, and what scripts are attached to script triggers and buttons.
64-bit application FileMaker Pro 14 is architected for the 64-bit power of Windows and OS X operating systems.

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